Allez O’ FC Sookmyung!
Allez O’ FC Sookmyung!
  • Byun Ji Geunah / Cub Reporter
  • 승인 2010.06.04 18:13
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Who said girls have no interest in sports? Who said soccer is just a sport for men? Here are the girls who kick and run for the goals, FC Sookmyung! Their passion and desire to play soccer leaded them to create their own soccer club last year.  Eventhough it is only a year-old club, it is well known for its enthusiastic and active actions.  The Sookmyung Times (SMT) met the captain of FC Sookmyung, Kim Se-Yeon (KIM) and sub-captain, Park Gah-Ram (PARK).  




Before 2009, there was no soccer club at SMU.  Only people who were interested in soccer made a group and played the game.  Then one of the seniors on the team wanted to make a real soccer team, so she made the club and became the first captain.  This was the start of FC Sookmyung.  In 2009, they held a ‘Womens University Soccer Club Match. ’ At first, all of the team members were students of the Department of Physical Education, but now they are recruiting members from every department.  



Being different from other clubs, in some free time, they are doing something special.  Not just going on a club trip, but they are going to a stadium with club members.  Not only K-league but also K3-league, to see the soccer matches and learn some skills such as passing play.  The K3-league club, ‘Seoul United’ has soccer matches in Hyochang Park every Saturtday.  Many people go to see the game when they have time on Saturday.  “K3-league players are also very professional, but compare to the K-league, their skills are easier to learn for us,” Kim said.  This is one of the main reasons why members of FC Sookmyung go to Hyochang Park and see the games.  


There are 26 members in FC Sookmyung.   All members choose their own position and participate as real players.  Every Friday they practice in the Grand Auditorium with a coach, but the place is not so good for practicing soccer.  Therefore, freshmen and sophomores who have time, go to Hyochang Park to exercise about 1-2 hours on thursday.  Twice a month they reserve a small spare stadium of Seoul Sangam Worldcup Stadium and practice on the field.  Starting with some easy stretches and they end up the practice by playing some mini games like Futsal1.  Also they have some friendly matches with girls’ soccer teams from other schools.  With this hard practicing, the best eleven players are picked by a coach according to players own abilities.  They make a best line-up for ‘Womens University Soccer Club Match. ’ Not only this effort, but also they learn some sports marketing throughout the process to get sponsors to host the ‘Womens University Soccer Club Match. ’ They make some presentation slides and have a presentation in- front of many companies like Adidas or Nike to get supports for the gift and trophy for the winner.  “This was the best experience that I had in this club.  Through hosting the big club matches by ourselves, we can give a chance to many other girls’ soccer teams to play on the ground.  We can’t explain how big achievement that we get from hosting that event.  We can only say that it was just fantastic!” Both Kim and Park said.  


I cannot say for certain, but most of their club activities are making a steady progress to be a winner of ‘Womens University Soccer Club Match. ’ This biggest event will be held on the first Saturday of November.  About 10 clubs from schools like Ehwa Womens University, Korea National Sport University, Korea University, and Dongduk Womens University have group matches and after some tournaments they decided the winner in one-day.  Last season, FC Sookmyung got a low rank because they were so busy to host this event.  However, they resolved to achieve good results in this season.  Also from this year, they are planning to participate in the ‘Amateur Soccer Club Match,’ too.  




Having a weakness that there are no men players to give some advices for FC Sookmyung, but by themselves they are achieving many things.  Not knowing soccer skills is not a problem to be a team member of FC Sookmyung.  All you need is passion!

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