Feel Spring with Mt, Cheonggye Excursion!
Feel Spring with Mt, Cheonggye Excursion!
  • Kim Jang Sooyoung
  • 승인 2011.06.06 19:55
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The spring came, and the bleak mountain became fresh.  With the change of the weather and scenery, SMU Korean Cultural Institute held the Mt. Cheonggye Excursion on May 15.  This program was an opportunity to make a cultural exchange between Korean students and foreign students at SMU.  So twelve Korean students and twelve foreign students joined the program, then they paired up with each other.  “I realized the value of Korean culture in this program.  And I thought when the Korean students respect other cultures first, the foreign students will be interested in Korean culture, too,” said Kim Jiyeong, Division of Law.  With the Korean student’s thinking, “It was a valuable experience to face my fear on the mountain, and the beautiful scenery of Mt. Cheonggye was great,” said John Ott, Department of Social Psychology.  Thus, the Mt. Cheonggye Excursion was an important opportunity to Korean and foreign students to connect.  Korean Cultural Institute holding the program will be also planned to make more opportunities to exchange between Korean and foreign students in June.

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