Fly Out of the Ether, UFO
Fly Out of the Ether, UFO
  • Byun Ji Geunah / Reporter
  • 승인 2011.06.06 20:57
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Recently, various eyewitness accounts of UFO came pouring out; for example, a UFO was seen a day before the Marriage of Prince William of the U.K.  The mystery of UFOs has led many to argue about their existence.  Therefore, the Sookymung Times (SMT) interviewed Maeng Sunglyul (MAENG), who is president of the Korean UFO Association.


SMT When is start of the controversy of UFOs?

MAENG In 1947, June 24, Kenneth Arnold who was a CEO in America, made a flight in Mount Rainier National Park in Washington.  While he was flying, he saw nine flying objects which looked like plates.  After flying, he let people know about this Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) and it was
the start of the UFO controversy.

SMT I heard that there are two kinds of approaches in UFO study.  First is the material scientific approach and the second is the mental scientific approach.  Could you explain about it?

MAENG Sometimes, UFOs are photographed and they are caught on radar.  Also, they release great electromagnetic waves, so they influence things nearby.  It is an important way to study UFOs.  For example, digital analysis of pictures, objects which are detected by radar, changes of soil exposed near UFOs.  However, when we investigate people who saw UFO nearly, we could realize that there is a mental scientific point.  For
instance, memory loss of some part, changes of one’s view of life, and trauma.



SMT There is a hypothesis which relates UFO and the Pyramids.  What is the relevance?

MAENG There are two kinds of people who relate UFOs and pyramids.  The first group is people who believe that pyramids were built by aliens, and that they brought civilization to us.  The second group is people who think that pyramids were not built by aliens, but it is a fruit of civilizations from a long time ago or a prolongation of them.  UFOs are a fruit of a high-degree of scientific knowledge; however, it is not developed in any country on earth.  Therefore, the idea of the second group is that UFOs would be related with civilizations which disappeared a long time ago.  Graham Hancock is the most popular person who claims the second group’s ideas.  However, in this case, there is a doubt about why people of that civilization do not make a place on earth as a colony for themselves.

SMT There are various pictures in which people said, “I photographed a UFO!”  How do you make out whether it is real or not?

MAENG Nowadays, development of composition skills makes classifying the real thing harder.  However, basically, the shape of the pixels changes when we compose the picture.  Especially, we could find out differences in distance. 

SMT Do you think a UFO is directly connected to aliens?

MAENG There is no evidence that UFOs are related with aliens; however, we cannot exclude the possibility of aliens.  For example, UFOs frequently appear around politically and socially sensitive areas.  The disturbance happened in a nuclear testing ground in the U.S.A. in 1940. Therefore, because of national security, America investigated about the UFO.  In Korea, an UFO appeared during the Korean War, in the spring of 1980, and the fall of 1995.  The Korean War was an internationally serious situation at that time.  Also, the spring of 1980 was an important time because it was a time of innovation in politics after President Park Chunghee died.  Also nowadays, places where UFO appears are sensitive areas.

SMT What do you think about the ripple effect when someone proves that UFOs really exist?

MAENG It will have the biggest impact in the history of mankind when the UFO is proved.  Most under the old system of politics, society, religions will face inevitable break down.  You can see what we should do when UFO and alien are related in the COMETA report which deals about UFOs and it was written in 1999.

SMT What does the Korean UFO Association do?

MAENG The Korean UFO Association studies about UFO’s material scientific and mental scientific approach.  Also, in cooperation with the UFO Analysis Center,  True Finders, we winnow truth from falsehood of UFO films which are photographed in Korea with Foreign specialists.

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