Dreams come True : The Art of Kisney? Classic Fairy Tales
Dreams come True : The Art of Kisney? Classic Fairy Tales
  • Ahn Park Dabom
  • 승인 2011.09.14 20:16
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          If you can dream it, you can do it.


When I was young, I used to get up at 8 AM every Sunday and sit in front of the TV like it was magic.  Strangely, except Sunday, I couldnt get up without my mother’s help and I was late for school frequently.  The magic word which made me wake up was Disney.  Donald Duck and Timon were my own alarm clocks on Sunday morning.  I am sure that you used to shorten your sleep for the programs like me or you have bought files or notes with Disney characters on covers at least once since you’ve grown up.  It is the evidence that Disney is dwelling in our minds from children to adult.  Finally, Disney who lives in our minds forever come out from animation.

Cartoon in a Frame

When I reached Hangaram Design Museum, it was full with children in front of the exhibition.  The performance for kids was being held on the stage in front of the exhibition and children were enjoying singing and hopping with the performance.  “Did I choose the wrong writing material?”  I started to be confused.  Leaving the sunshine and children’s laughter behind, I walked into the exhibition.  Strange to relate with outside air, it was so dark in there.  Like Alice fell down to the hole to go to the wonderland, the blue door seemed to guide me to a fairyland.  Finally I met Disney itself.  The lights in the dark seemed like stars in a dark night and a wide screen and cute cushions created an illusion for me.  It couldn’t be defined just as an animation exhibition.  It also
couldn’t be called animation.  It was a masterpiece which came out from the TV.  Careful pencil lines which described the character’s detailed moving and colors on the characters which seemed like watercolor paintings made the scenes special.  And then, the picture became a work of art, not the animation characters which I met when I was young, although the appearances of the characters were the same as they were then.

Cartoon with His Own Story

However, it was not right to be defined just as changing the characters to masterpieces because it hid another value.  The thing which was interesting was that the exhibition showed the entire process of making animation from start to finish in detail.  Of course we know that animation is made by many pictures and requires much effort.  However, the exhibition was special because it showed how the characters’ appearance had changed as well as lots of frames of animation.  The faces and the clothes which had changed continuously were so interesting.  Also, it showed ho Disney reinterpreted the fairytales and made new stories through them as if he gave a talk to me.  That’s because it was composed by his thinking order.  The composition of the exhibition showed not only trial and error of making stories but also the changing of the characters’ appearances and personalities; it reflected that the character had also grown up with the times as we have grown up.
When we were young watching Disney’s animation, we wanted to make the world with hopes and dreams.  Disney said,”If you can dream it, you can do it.”  The exhibition showed his word wasn’t far out at all.  Our lives are animations made by many scenes.  We are dreaming continuously and start to draw life.  The pictures also are not crude.  They are made with detailed pencil lines and colored with sincerely.  With trial and error, we do our best to make our final works.  In other words, because we can make our own animations, we can make our dreams if we have a will.  It would be
a good opportunity to dream another beautiful life to you who are making your own animation.  Like Alice became happy after travelling the wonderland, you should get the power which helps you make the world with hopes and dreams after you get out from the blue door.

PLACE Hangaram Design Museum, Seoul Arts Center (Exhibition Rooms 1, 2, & 3)
PERIOD 2011. 5. 14 ~ 9.25
Entrance Fee 14,000 won
REFERANCE www.dctexhibition.com

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