Reunification or Not
Reunification or Not
  • Yoo Kang Hyun-ji
  • 승인 2007.06.21 12:30
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Should North and South Korea reunify?  Through reunification Korea can gain economic benefits.  Also Korea can achieve true development of the Korean Peninsula, and strengthen its location in the world.  Moreover reunification would respect humanity.  Thus said Herstory.  But Janus, the con-side team, contradicted reunification, pointing out the large cost of reunification.  They said reunification would give people more discomfort and deep complication, between North and South.

On May 25, Sookmyunginans’s talents for words blossomed in Immanuel Hall, Renaissance Plaza.  Herstory and Janus decorated the final round of the Sookmyung Debate Competition under the subject of reunification of North and South Korea, divided by pros and cons.  Among 168 teams, only two teams were the last survivors and finally, the goddess of victory sent her smile to Janus. 

After the logical battle, Meeyoung Oh, a professor Dept. of Mass Communication in Kyungwon University said “It is important to cooperate with each other in one team and communicate between teams, for sharing all opinions and logical contradiction.  In other words, when debating, it is essential to hear other’s saying.”  And Hak Joon Lee, the president of The Dong‐A Iibo said, “Both two teams are good.  Although the opposition team is in disadvantage under overall common idea (pros) of reunification, the team’s saying was so good.  Actually, the judge including me worried giving the best awards to whom.  I think that the future of SMU is shining, after watching today's debate.”  

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