Hi Buddy, You are an Exchange Student, And I Want to be
Hi Buddy, You are an Exchange Student, And I Want to be
  • Lee Lim Hyungsun
  • 승인 2012.04.09 16:37
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Whatever your major is or whatever your grade is, maybe you can meet foreign friends in your class.  What do you think about them?  Is it difficult to come close to them?  Is it awkward to talk with them?  Hey, don’t do that.  Their present figure can be your future.  If you are a Korean university student, you would think about exchange student once, whether voluntarily or compulsively.

SMT  Why did you choose to come to Korea as an exchange student?  Or what country do you want to go to as an exchange student?

SNOKO  I’m really interested in Korean culture and language.  I thought that I can learn these things more naturally
experiencing Korea in person.  That’s why I chose to come to Korea.

HAHM  I want to go to America as an exchange student.  Of course there is a reason that my major is English.  When I would be educated abroad, English is the most comfortable language.  Also, most of exchange student programs are American universities, so I can choose more widely.

KAREN  Because I’m also studying Korean in my country, I had to go to get better at the language.
I’m really interested in Korean culture and language.  I thought that I can learn these things more naturally
experiencing Korea in person.  That’s why I chose to come to Korea.

KIM  I want to go to England as an exchange student, because England has great historic and natural sites to visit and learn about.  I also like their accent and culture, and therefore would like to interact with the people more and study their culture.

SMT  What do you think of strengths and weaknesses of the exchange student program (between studying abroad or working holiday)?

SNOKO  I think the exchange student program has more strengths than weaknesses.  I can get support from the university and it is easy to come to study abroad.

HAHM  The strength of the exchange student program is that I can concentrate more on study.  However, the depth of knowledge would be shallow, I think.

KAREN  The difference in the way classes are taught is both a strength and a weakness.  In my country there’s a lot of pressure to be self-reliant, but here it doesn’t seem to be the case.

KIM  I think there is a limitation in choice of university and country in the exchange student program.  Because this program is bound to universities that have relationships, someone can’t go to the country or university where she really wants.

SMT  What do you think is the most important thing to apply for becoming an exchange student? 

SNOKO  Just like in Korea, TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language) score is the most basic in Japan.  Also, attitude to communicate with foreign people is an important part, too.

HAHM I think the basic thing is money, and a strong goal is very important not to waste time.  English skill is of course important.

KAREN  Students should prepare TOEFL scores or any other proof of English skill.

KIM  I think one of the requirements needed for exchange students is at least some knowledge of the language of the place as well as the place itself, so that they are not too lost in the new place with new people.  Also, determination and passion to study in the particular school and country is necessary, because it will definitely be difficult to follow the school’s curriculum or fit in with others without them.

SMT  In Korea, studying in an exchange student program or studying abroad has become an essential condition for getting a job.  What do you think about it?

SNOKO  This situation is the same in Japan.  In my country, a company thinks what students should do when they are students is gain experience, so I need to have experiences which are different from other people.  It’s quite stressful, but at the same time, very helpful for me, I think.

HAHM  I think this is not a good stream, but everyone do their best to build specs.  And to keep up in this fierce competition, I feel I should go abroad.  However, at the same time, because everyone goes abroad, it may be seen as commonplace. Therefore, rather than going abroad, developing other abilities can be quite important.

KAREN I don’t think it’s very important for every job, but there are jobs that think it’s better.

KIM  I think although it may be one of the important factors since studying abroad can help students develop many skills, it shouldn’t depend too much on it.  This is because it doesn’t necessarily define the skills or characteristics that are favorable to have for that particular job.  Also, students can develop knowledge and skills by studying within Korea.

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