What is Creativity?
What is Creativity?
  • Yoon Han Eunjung
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 When you first enter the university, you might see hundreds of advertisements looking for a person.  The person should be active, passionate, but the most important thing is whether she is creative or not.  Why are these flying here and there?  Most of you think these companies, the owners of the advertisements, are operated with innovative and superb technology, but that's not enough.  What they really want to get is brilliant and sparkling ideas.  They spare no effort to discover new ideas.  In Korea, these concerns of companies also belongs to those who consider getting a position in the companies as their last goal, university students.  The entire country has been shook by creativity, but it seems the number of real creators has not increased.  Why has this contradictory phenomenon happened?1

Already Standardized Course


 From elementary school to high school, the period of forming a consciousness, we had been educated by already designed curricula. These are too standardized to consider each student's character.  Moreover, when we reach the end of school days as high school seniors, we cannot help throwing ourselves entirely into the college entrance exam.  From our school days, our way of thinking might be standardized as well.  Considering these worries recently, some classes which help students develop creative power are being made in school.  However, these efforts do not seem effective.  After entering university, students start out making themselves standard again.  At lots of libraries around university towns, there are some certificate books like the TOEIC or computer skills which are always displayed on bestseller shelves.  These certificates are considered basic qualifications for entering a good company, so most university students use too much time to get it.  However, they never give you the key of entering a creative world.

Where is Creativity From?

In England, design education is understood as a fundamental topic, yhso the government designates design class as a compulsive education.1 Elementary and middle school students should participate in design class as much as any other classes.  Moreover, high school students can get a chance to work in companies related with art, design, and advertisement.  What this system really means is that every student is exposed to the field of art, regardless of what their major is.  Also, in many advanced countries like the United States or Finland, schools are operating the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) education system.2 STEAM is a way of teaching to unite all subjects into one study.  Through STEAM, students regard Science as Art and Technology as Art.  They can learn that all studies are actually tied together, so it is possible to think freely over boundaries. These education systems are directly connected with the power of creativity. Therefore, these countries have swept the rank of national design competitiveness over the last 10 years, and this ranking is interpreted by how creative the nation is.  In Korea, however, people are so accustomed to think of effectiveness as the most important, so they never learn about how to make something different and creative.  At the same time, society and companies demand more and more creative people along with the changing world. What we can do?  Do you think this all situation is out of your control?  Whether it is or not, your passion to be creative will never die.  Also, society around us will require more powerful creativity. Then, we need to fix our way of thinking by broadening our perspective.  First of all, your interest encompasses a wide range of studies. Art can be Mathematics, and Mathematics is Art. Your area of thinking should never be limited to how effective it is to get a good job.  Open your eyes, and look at the lots of hints here and there. Are you ready to be creative?

1 Shin Soyeon,「 Design Education is for Entering University? Korean Channel is So Far Away」, HERALD MEDIA, 2011.0915

2 Oh Seungjoo,「 We are Interested in Science with STEAM」, Dong-A, 2011.11.08

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