Students, Be the Leaders!
Students, Be the Leaders!
  • Kim Jo Dana
  • 승인 2012.09.06 10:31
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From August 8th to August 10th, Junior ROTC leadership camp, named ‘2012 Sookmyung Leadership Workshop,’ was held in Hansangeun Lounge.  It was promoted by Sookmyung Global Leadership Institute.  It was so hot among the students that the competition rate was over ten to one.  The main purpose of this camp is to grow up to female leaders who are potential leaders from the early age.  Seventy female high school students, aged seventeen to eighteen, participated in this camp.   Students who participated in this camp can attend special lectures about leadership from real leaders and visit security sites. Also they can have a mentoring time with ROTC cadets and Sookmyung university students.  Kim Yoonkyung, 2nd grade at Dongwoo Girls’ High School said, “I heard about this camp from student president.  She recommended it powerfully so I applied to this camp.  Another reason that I applied to this camp is that I wanted to know about the leadership that can be realized.  And I think that overall lectures were about the leadership which is changing as time goes by.  So it was quite interesting and effectual to me because I’m in that generation.”  All the seventy young leaders went back home with satisfied smiles.

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