The Graduate Exhibition Filled with Creative Works
The Graduate Exhibition Filled with Creative Works
  • Lee Kim Seulgi
  • 승인 2012.11.18 21:21
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From October 11th to 16th, the Department of Environmental Design graduate exhibition was held in the Chungpa Gallery of the Renaissance Plaza.  The exhibition displayed works of a variety of architectural models which were made by students.  There were some environmental projects.  Transform E-waste into Living Green: A Fungal Landscape Plantation got the special selected award at the D3 : Dialog International Design Competitions Natural System 2012.  These projects showed that Agbogbloshie, Ghana in Africa where WEEE(Easte Electrical and Electronic
Equipment) was polluting, could be changed into new green space by transforming lead into valuable pyromorphite.  Another project is to improve poor people’s living conditions in the Philippines.  Through appropriate technology, the project will offer environmentally friendly and low priced houses to the poor and help them be self-sufficient.  Also exhibition displayed works of diverse concepts like Gyubang culture, knot, light.  the Lim Hyeyoung, Department of Architecture Design 09’ said, “I have prepared the graduate exhibition with seniors since summer vacation.  I am pleased to successfully hold the exhibition all together.” The exhibition gave Sookmyungians the chance to enjoy creative works of environmental design.

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