Who will Be the Next Leader
Who will Be the Next Leader
  • Lim Hyungsun, Lee Seulgi
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South Korea
On Dec 19th, What is Your Choice?


As the independent presidential candidate Ahn Cheolsoo withdrew from the presidential election, the two main candidates of South Korea’s 18th presidential election were set to Park Geunhye, the candidate of ruling party (Saenuri party), and Moon Jaein, the candidate of leading opposition (Democratic United Party).  Although the merger negotiation between Moon Jeain and Ahn Cheolsoo had been kept tried, it broke down a day after starting.  Ahn’s spokesman, You Minyoung, announced, “We express regret at losing faith in a single candidacy agreement, so we decided to suspend the negotiation.” The officials of the Democratic United Party told the press that Ahn would make a concession to a single candidate after this week, but Ahn had never indicated this opinion.  Also, members of Moon’s side, Baek Wonwoo slandered Ahn on Facebook.  These things made Ahn suspend the negotiation.  Moon apologized to Ahn for having caused trouble, and he wanted to resume the negotiation.

However, finally on the 23rd of December, Ahn Chelsoo suddenly held a press conference in the Gongpyungdong camp, the name of Ahn’s camp, and he announced that he withdrew from the candidacy.  Ahn and Moon could not narrow the differences in their opinions.  Ahn said that he withdrew from candidacy to achieve the change of government.  Moon now became the single candidate of the opposition party.  About the resignation of candidate Ahn, many Korean people showed unfortunate response.  Now the question is where the strong supporters of Ahn will head, between Park Geunhye and Moon Jaein.

Meanwhile, Moon Jaein’s election pledge was to make a new change through the change of government.  The five changes were a work revolution, building a welfare state, economic democracy, new politics, and peaceful coexistence.  Park Geunhye from the ruling party pledged to make a 3.0 government generation that is to make a government of integrity, an efficient government that would give individualized happiness to the public.  She suggested that she would build a society where women are happy.


The Transfer of Power from Hu Jintao to Xi Jinping


From November 8th to 14th, China’s all-powerful Communist Party opened its 18th congress to organize the fifth generation leadership. 2270 delegates selected from the Communist Party’s ranks of 82 million members gathered in Beijing’s Great Hall of the People.  They elected he Central Committee members in the congress.  After the congress, on November 15th, the Standing Committee of high-ranking officials in the communist party were selected from these Central Committee members.  Although it is unclear how many members the committee will have, the current nine standing committee members are expected to be cut to seven.

Hu Jintao, who has been the Chinese president for 10 years, will resign his position to Xi Jinping.  Xi Jinping takes over as the general secretary after the 18th congress, and he will become the Chinese president through the National People’s Congress in March 2013.  Also, the 18th congress establishes a new policy carried out by Xi Jinping and the fifth generation leadership.  It is predicted that the new policy will emphasize reform and opening up of China’s economy, and national defense.


United States
Four More Years


Barack Obama succeeded to be re-elected as America’s president.  On November 6th, getting over the magic number of 270 electoral votes, which is needed for election as president, Obama beat Mitt Romney. Against the expectation that this US presidential election would be razor-thin, the result showed Obama’s overwhelming victory.  The biggest reason for his victory was the strong support from ethnic minorities and women.  Ninety-five percent of blacks, 65 percent of Hispanics cast their votes for Obama, and among women Obama’s votes were ahead of Romney more than 10 percent.

Decisively, in the struggle continued from October, Hurricane Sandy came to Obama as the goddess of fortune.  Although the horrible hurricane scarred in the landscape of the Northeast, to Obama it was the best chance to show his national leadership.  By stopping his campaign and comforting victims, he made the great image of a leader who embraces people’s pain.  Upon announcement of his victory, Obama gave thanks on Twitter, “We’re all in this together.  That’s how we campaigned, and that’s who we are.  Thank you.”

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