Valuable Global Programs in SMU
Valuable Global Programs in SMU
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Every student has imagined studying abroad while enjoying exotic atmosphere and developing language skills as well as studying their major.  Living amidst an internationalizing world, we sometimes feel pressure or stress to make a career abroad.  However, you can find the chance to go abroad very easily.  Look around at SMU, as there are many and various global programs for students.  The Sookmyung Times covered Office of International Affairs, which is in charge of all global programs at SMU.

Exchange Program and Dual Degree Program

# General Exchange Program
Through the General Exchange Program, students can take regular courses abroad in universities which are affiliated with SMU.  During regular semesters or winter or summer sessions, student can earn the credits from the universities and the credits are admitted at SMU after some procedures.  Students only pay tuition at SMU, and are exempted from paying tuition to the host university.  Participants should follow the rules and agreements of the program, and at the same time, perform a role for foreign public relations of SMU.

# Exchange Program (student’s own expense)
Unlike the General Exchange Program, students pay the tuition of the university, not SMU.  But students receive a 60% reduction in SMU’s tuition costs in scholarship after scholarship examination.  For recipients of basic living subsidies, 80% of SMU’s tuition is supported as scholarships (this is a new change in 2013).  Any other conditions are the same with the general exchange program.

# Dual Degree Program
To cultivate global women leaders, SMU has a Dual Degree Program with leading universities around the world.  After taking courses at a university abroad for two years, students can get a dual degree in both SMU and their university at the same time.  Students only pay the tuition of the university abroad, and SMU’s tuition is all supported.  The strength of this program is that students can earn credits toward both SMU and the university abroad while enjoying and experiencing the international environment.

FSU Internship Program
The International Center and the Division of Communication of Florida State University is the host of this internship program.  Students should take the Intercultural Communication Program which is composed with learning courses and a field internship course.  After this learning time, students can work at the Disney World (Theme park or hotels) for six months as staff on the payroll, for at least 30 hours a week receiving $7~8.14 hourly.  Also, the credits could be authorized if the students enroll that semester.

Global Internship Program
The Global Internship Program aims to cultivate global talented students by allowing them to experience the real business world.  Also, this program was made for building up the employment competitiveness of SMU students.  Experience in the real business world is the most special characteristic of this program.  Students can learn the business environment of a company by themselves, so they can develop the career to get a job after graduation.  Through this program, students can develop their language ability and international mind.  Also, after the internship during the vacation or semester, the credits are authorized at SMU (long-term dispatch only).

Sookmyung International Summer School (SISS) provides international lectures to SMU students with foreign students.  The professors are from SMU’s international partner schools, and this is considered a special chance to take these professors’ classes at SMU.  SMU’s students can get summer session credit (a maximum 6, including other summer session classes).  SISS provides a global environment to SMU students and various lectures are waiting for us.

World Federation of United Nations Associations: WFUNA
# WFUNA’s Advanced Training at the UN: Korea
Through this program, students can learn the UN or any other international organization and experience cultural things at the UN Headquarters in New York or Geneva.  Students can also develop their international mind and experience various training programs.  For student who wants to join international organization in the future, this program could be great chance.

Global Explore Program
This program is designed for developing the education courses of each major.  Seven students with their major professors make one team, and they explore a university, institution, or business abroad according to the theme which is related with their major.  Participants can get scholarships which differ by country.

Sookmyung Global Best Program at UC Berkeley
This program provides a summer session course at UC Berkeley to SMU students who have high grades and have actively worked in extracurricular activities like volunteering.  Through this program, students can develop international understanding to be great leaders.  Also, the credits from UC Berkeley are accepted at SMU.

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