The Festival for Leadership Groups
The Festival for Leadership Groups
  • Kim Lee Charmseul
  • 승인 2013.06.03 22:25
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 On May 13th, the Sookmyung Leadership Group Festival was held in the Queen Sunheon Square from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  There were 27 booths of the leadership groups, the special school clubs of SMU, working to realize women’s leadership.  Each booth promoted and explained their group’s activities.  This festival was a chance for Sookmyungians to get information about leadership groups of SMU.  Choi Ellim, who is the leader of the Sookmyung Leadership Group Union (Sook-Li-Yeon) said, “Because May is the ‘Month of Gratitude,’the catch phrase of this festival is‘The Present.’ Through this festival, we want Sookmyungians to express their gratitude to leadership groups by putting ‘Thanks Messages’on the board.”  Jung Hyewon, a member of Polaris said,“It is an honor to introduce our leadership group.  Thanks to this festival, I think I can work harder for Sookmyung.”  Kim Soyoung, Division of Business Administration' 13, who visited the booths, said,“I didn’t know that the leadership groups recruited members each semester.  This festival is very useful for the students like me who don’t have information about the leadership groups.”  The next night, leadership groups had the time to gather in Centennial Hall and showed the groups’ solidarity.

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