Newly Defined Sookmyung
Newly Defined Sookmyung
  • Koo Kim Gyohyun
  • 승인 2013.06.03 22:28
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On May 21st, 11 a.m, at the Samsung Convention Center of Centennial Hall, there was the 107th anniversary ceremony as SMU was founded on May 22nd, 1906.  During the ceremony, there were a brief introduction about history of SMU, a declaration of the SM Global ‘I’ Promise, a congratulatory address, and an award ceremony.  Since SMU was founded, virtue, wisdom, and fairness were its ideals.  However, the SM Global ‘I’ Promise newly defined it : Personal Integrity, Creative Intelligence, Leading Inspiration.  President Hwang Sunhye declared,“We are going to make SMU the hub of change and innovation by turning out global leaders, full of respect and love.”  It was especially meaningful, since as president Hwang welcomed her 9th month of taking office as the new president, she officially declared a specific plan.  Declaration was followed by the report about a specific strategy, providing a blueprint for the future.  According to the report, SMU will construct a “Smart Green Campus” by using mobile devices within this year, and plans to create an engineering college by 2015.  After the report, Sohn Byungdoo, newly appointed chairman of the Sookmyung board, spoke a congratulatory message, and an award ceremony was held for long-term employees.

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