We Deliver the ‘Hyo (孝)’
We Deliver the ‘Hyo (孝)’
  • Noh Lim Hyelin
  • 승인 2013.06.03 23:59
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In many cases, we use a delivery for convenience, such as food and clothes.  But have you ever heard of delivering ‘Hyo*?’  There is a club that was established to evoke college students the meaning of ‘Hyo’ and to develop a new way of expressing gratitude to their parents.  The Sookmyung Times (SMT) met the club founder member Kim Chansik (KIM) to know their own way of expressing ‘Hyo.’



SMT When people hear the name “HYODEX,” it seems difficult to understand.  So please tell us about HYODEX and explain the background. 

KIM The compound word ‘HYODEX’ is formed from Hyo, the respect and love for one’s parents, and Fedex, the name of a famous shipping company.  Because of busy life, we cannot afford to communicate with our parents. We thought this was not only us, but these problems can be applicable to all college students.  For this reason, we created the organization to evoke the meaning of Hyo, which is easily forgettable, and to convey a love between parents and their children.  HYODEX is made up of six college friends in the winter of last year, and currently 32 people are working.  The club’s representative suggested the idea in the beginning.  We tried to make an organization that could provide us with meaningful activities that are interesting and heartwarming rather than simply studying like the rest of the students.   

SMT What is the process of the ‘Hyo’ delivery?

KIM We invite students to share their stories through the Internet, and after investigation of the committees, contents are selected.  After the selection, we contact the applicant and plan the event together.  The next step is preparing the script and scenario, and with the reporter of the program, an unannounced visit to the parents of the applicant is made.  A letter from the applicant, presents from HYODEX, and a special event will be delivered.  One of the most impressive episodes happened in the middle of April.  We visited a mother of an applicant in Ansan, and she cried from the begining to the end of the event that took about 30 to 40 minutes.  It was the first time for the first members to experience such a touching situation, and they became overwhelmed by the wonderful feeling that they themselves cried, and kept on saying that they wanted to experience it once more.  After the event, the bond between the founding members and the first members became stronger on account of sharing similar experiences.  Currently we are only working in limited areas which are Seoul and Kyunggi, for we are all university students and transportation is costly.

SMT What are the characteristic of HYODEX that differentiate it from other clubs?

KIM We think that the identity of the club itself is pretty distinguishing.  Also, the fact that we are all together in the cultural content and volunteer work is one of the things that distinguishes HYODEX.  Secondly, we could gain various things through a single activity.  We could help other people, develop our managing ability, and enlighten our creative minds.  And if we are members of the main committee, we would be able to improve our skills related to media content.  It is like killing three birds with one stone.


* Hyo is the respectful behavior of children towards their parents.





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