New English Websites for Foreign Students
New English Websites for Foreign Students
  • Koo Kim Gyohyun / Reporter
  • 승인 2013.09.08 14:34
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On July 22nd, construction of new English websites for every department and division of Sookmyung was completed.  The English websites were developed by the Information Operation and Translation teams of Sookmyung.  It is noteworthy that all work was done here at Sookmyung exclusively.  Kim Dukhyung, section chief of the Information Operation team said, “We constructed English websites in accordance with the goal of true globalization of our university, which is the strong commitment set out by President Hwang.”  In the past, English websites were constructed only for a few departments, so foreign students had some difficulties to get enough information.  Therefore, the necessity of constructing English websites increased dramatically.  The newly organized website contains various information such as the introduction of a major, curriculum details, list of teaching staff and career-specific information.  Gankhuyag Amarzaya, Division of Business Administration ’11, from Mongolia said, “I couldn’t attain enough information about my major through the Korean website.  However, the newly constructed website will help me and other foreign students’ comprehension a lot.”  Every student can now access the English websites through a link on the Korean website or via the main English website.

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