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[EDITORIAL] Smtimes-Newsletter: November 11, 2015
숙명타임즈   2015-10-23
[EDITORIAL] Smtimes-Newsletter: May 2015
숙명타임즈   2015-05-14
[EDITORIAL] LETTER from President Sunhye Hwang
LETTER from President Sunhye HwangI am pleased to celebrate the release of the 300th edition of the Sookmyung Times (SMT), the official Engl
President Sunhye Hwang   2012-12-09
[EDITORIAL] The Power of One
One song can spark a moment, One flower can wake the dreamOne tree can start a forest, One bird can herald springOne smile begins a friendsh
SwooKyung Suh   2012-12-06
[EDITORIAL] See the Future Through the Convergence
We are living in an era of changing, which based on the convergence. The best example of these changing icon; Apple’s Steve Jobs that showed
Heungryeol Kim   2012-11-06
[EDITORIAL] Ask Google - “What Makes a Great University?”
During the summer vacation, I read a very interesting book, “The Man Who Lied to His Laptop: What machines teach us about human relations.”
Yunkeum Chang   2012-09-08
[EDITORIAL] The 1st Design Story - Material; PAPER
Paper presents our life story with the opportunity to create seemingly limitless variations of shape, structure and composition. It is the t
Kim Hyeyoung   2012-05-04
[EDITORIAL] Korea? Korea!
I am writing this column in the Leader’s Lounge at the Nuclear Safety Summit Seoul 2012 site in COEX. Within 48 hours, this site will be occ
Swoo Kyung Suh   2012-04-08
[EDITORIAL] Farewell to Sookmyung
It is a great pleasure and an honor for me to be the first Senegalese to attend Sookmyung Women’s University, Korea. I have been very satisf
Alassane Abdoulaye DIA   2012-03-14
[EDITORIAL] On the Price of Happiness
On the fifth of December 1985, a bottle of 1787 Lafitte was sold for 105,000 pounds-nine times the previous world record. Chateau Lafitte is
Kim Chung Jinyong / Society De   2011-12-21
[EDITORIAL] Beyond Good and Evil
I teach theories of International Relations (hereafter IR) at Sookmyung and I always emphasize two points in class. Firstly, our thinking ab
Jinseog Yu   2011-11-28
[EDITORIAL] Aim High, Ladies!
In early summer 2010, a couple of my students asked me to coach them for the mock KFTC trial competition where major law schools participate
Professor, LEE Kijong   2011-11-08
[EDITORIAL] Beyond Good and Evil
I teach theories of International Relations (hereafter IR) at Sookmyung and I always emphasize two points in class. Firstly, our thinking ab
Jinseog Yu   2011-10-09
[EDITORIAL] When It Comes to Climate Change, How Much Do People Know?
True or False? By now, your average personis probably tired of the word “climatechange” and all the discussions, debates,conferences, and ev
Professor Haein Yim   2011-06-06
[EDITORIAL] A Life Goes on
Let’s turn the clock back a bit. In the first week of March 2011, the Korean stock market passed 2,000 points once again, but Korean econom
Professor Lee Hyung-jin   2011-05-07
[EDITORIAL] Korea as a Multicultural Society
While many of Korean people still are not feeling that Korea has become a multicultural society, it is true and a fact by any measure includ
Aejin Kang   2011-03-09
[EDITORIAL] Finding What You Love to Do
I really enjoyed Professor Jinsuk Byun(BYUN)’s editorial in the Sookmyung Times. I’d like to add a few of my own thoughts to it...
Russell Pittman   2010-11-04
[EDITORIAL] Aren’t We All Beautiful?
We were each born with certain physical features that make us look unique and beautiful, though there are a lot of people who are not satisf
Matilda Krivan   2010-10-06
[EDITORIAL] Finding What You Love to Do
What kind of life do you want to live? Do you want to live a life like celebrities with everybody’s attention? Do you want to make a lot of
Jinsuk Byun   2010-06-06
[EDITORIAL] New Environments for Development of the South
Every revolution in information technology has extended...
Dong Ju Choi   2010-04-03
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