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[INTERVIEW] Chitchat of Japanese Beatiful Ladies about 'Hallyu Fever'
‘Yon-sama,’ Bae Yongjoon is the leading role of Hallyu Fever which is situation that Korean culture, movies andentertain contents are popula
Lim Yang Yunjeong   2009-09-08
[INTERVIEW] Agora in Sookmyung
Agora in Sookmyung The Discussion clubs enlarge their view and relationships through ‘Discussion.’ Their debating form and character are dif
Bae Hyewon, Lim Yunjung   2009-09-08
[PEOPLE] Untitled Food stylist, Chung Shinwoo
Chung Shinwoo(CHUNG), the First Male Food stylist in Korea, has always a word of flourish. Before the Sookmyung Times (SMT) decided to inter
Park Bae Hyewon   2009-09-08
[ALUMNAE] The Way Investigating Your Aptitude
Some people may say, “If everyone cannot do something, you cannot do it either.” It might correspond to her position, Director General at th
Park Bae Hyewon   2009-09-08
[PEOPLE] Comment on Life through Drama
Do you know the drama series Lee San? Have you seen Dae Jang Geum? Most Koreans would probably say “yes.”Byung Hoon Lee (LEE) has produced a
Kim Haena, Lim Yunjeong   2009-06-05
[ALUMNAE] She Adds Gorgeousness
If you are interested in Marketing, you may be interested in various brands. Sue Jong Lee (LEE), the brand manager of L’OREAL Korea, deals w
Cho Ku Yunji   2009-06-05
Do you enjoy watching CSI drama? Then you might have a question whether or not there is a similar institution in Korea or what they really d
Shin Won Sora   2009-05-10
[PEOPLE] Let Them Breathe in This Breathless World
Yang ik juneProfile2009 7th Festival of Korea Cinema in Italy2009, 23rd Fribourg International Film Festival, Prix E-changer2009 11th Deauvi
Hwang Hong Yuhwa   2009-05-08
[ALUMNAE] Special Brand Name Kang Hannah
Special brand name, Kang HannahMost people have one or two jobs in their life, but here is the person who has diverse careers and jobs. She
Park Kim Haena   2009-04-04
[PEOPLE] Backstage Worker, PR Associates
Do you think Xylitol gum is better than other gums because of its anti-cavity function? Is it worth its expensive price? If your answer is .
Shin Won Sora   2009-04-04
[INTERVIEW] Sookmyung’s Fresh French Friends
France! Paris, Wine, Museum, Cosmetics…The word “France” brings to mind many things. The country called France ...
Park Bae Hyewon   2009-04-04
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