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[MUSE ON] Cross the Stream of Art from around the World
Masters from around the world gathered together at a festival in Seoul. The Would Masters’ Festival in Arts & Culture 2007 was held at Exhib
Hwang Jeon Seo-kyung   2007-11-05
[WE.R.IN] Certified to Do What?
Are you preparing to get certified? Most students desire to obtain numerous certifications to land a job. Actually, some companies require c
Shin Won So-ra   2007-11-02
[EXPERIENCE] Travel to Other Country through Ethnic Food
‘What do I eat for lunch?’ People look for their noontime meal every day. Some eat a fixed-menu meal at a cafeteria; others eat a meal at a
Kim Lee Kyung-hee   2007-10-10
[MUSE ON] The Scent of Spring-Dance, Chunhyang
All Korean have been heard about Chunhyang from their childhood. However, Chunhyang shows herself through dance and music. Because it was no
Yun Jung Ji-hye 기자   2007-10-03
[FORMER ARTICLES] Anything Is Possible in the Movies!
You are seated in a movie theater. When the lights turn off and melody flows, you go into magical worlds where anything is possible. A space
Kee Seong Eun-hye   2007-10-03
[FORMER ARTICLES] How to Appear Yourself through Résumé
You want to get job sooner or later. If so, imagine yourself in the following situation. Ms. Kim Jin was a senior graduate student. She was
Lee Jung Seung-ji   2007-10-03
[FORMER ARTICLES] Satomi and Omong Say Korea
Tanaka Satomi (23), a young Japanese woman wearing red glasses and pony tail, showed friendly manners and fluent Korean during our first mee
Yoo Kang Hyun-ji 기자   2007-10-03
[WE.R.IN] Are We Paying Too Much?
On September 4, the government announced a task force aimed at helping the weak, like the elderly and juveniles. Cheon Ho-sun, the spokesman
Cho Ku Yun-ji   2007-10-02
[SMTRACING] From Self-Introduction to the National PR
Sungyu Bang Director-General PR Cooperation Bureau Have you ever seen the advertisements? There are two ads recently, one featuring Korean f
Yun Jung Ji-hye   2007-10-02
[REPORT] Travel to Other Country through Ethnic Food
‘What do I eat for lunch?’ People look for their noontime meal every day. Some eat a fixed-menu meal at a cafeteria; others eat a meal at a
Kim Lee Kyung hee   2007-10-02
[REPORT] Letters from Ex-Editor-in-Chiefs
1. Kim Joo Bo-yeon (Editor-in-Chief)When I was a member of SMT, it has been 29 years. The 35th anniversary is very meaningful to me. I used
Shin Won So-ra   2007-09-28
[REPORT] The Path SMT Has Followed
October 25, 1973: The Sookmyung Times (SMT) was launched with five reporters and published for the first time. SMT was brought out seven tim
Hwang Jeon Seo-kyung   2007-09-28
[FORMER ARTICLES] Passion for Getting a Job
‘Korea Job Fair 2007’ was held from September 13 to 14 at COEX pacific hall. It was for people of all ages who dream of having a job and thu
Shin Won So-ra   2007-09-28
[REPORT] Japanese Living in Korea
What do you think about ? And how do you feel ? Kim (21) said, “Above all, I think that it is one highly developed country. Above all, their
Yoo Kang Hyun-ji 기자   2007-09-11
[WE.R.IN] World in Touch - Entertainment
In bus or subway, people can observe other people having some machine. Those machines could be cell phone, games or MP3 player without butto
Lee Jung Seung-ji   2007-09-11
[REPORT] It's My Life, 'The Theatre'
1963, Born in Seoul1982, Started plays1999, Launched Company “Golmokil”2006, Won a Daesan Literary Awards in Drama2007, Direct a Musical “Th
Kee Seong Eun-hye   2007-09-11
[REPORT] A Whole New World - Darkness
Do you wear glasses? If so, how do you feel without glasses on? You may have blurry vision and feel great discomfort. But what if you can se
Cho Ku Yun-ji   2007-09-11
[REPORT] Many Hidden Facts about the Taste of Beer
The taste of beer is influenced by various factors, such as fermentation time, storage method, ingredients and so on. How brew masters, thos
Kim Lee Kyung-hee   2007-09-11
[REPORT] We Love Sweet Dessert
1. Ice cream or sherbet 2. Coffee 3. Fresh fruit or fresh-squeezed 4. Cake5. Chocolate or candy6. Tea(This is the result of 104 people surve
Shin Won So-ra   2007-09-11
[MAPGAZINE] Today through Reading Keyword
Last semester, Sookmyung Women’s University (SMU) launched a new class. The class is ‘Today Through Reading Keyword’ and has several feature
Hwang Jeon Seo-kyung   2007-09-11
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