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[WE.R.IN] Real-Name System Should Be Imposed in Cheongpa Market
Cheongpa Market is an active online secondhand market for Sookmyungians. A lot of Sookmyungians use this bulletin board in Everytime App to
Lee Hwang Hayoung   2019-06-02
[WE.R.IN] Mandatory Installation of CCTV Cameras in Operating Rooms
Starting October 2018, a trial of CCTV cameras in operating rooms was conducted over a 3-month period at Anseong Hospital in Gyeonggi Provin
Kim Shin Hyerin   2019-03-04
[WE.R.IN] Regulating Mokbang
In July, the Ministry of Health and Welfare announced ‘Comprehensive Countermeasures for National Obesity Management’. These countermeasures
Kim Lee Jihyun   2018-10-09
[WE.R.IN] Stop Accepting Refugees in Jeju Island
In 2002, Jeju Island introduced a new policy that allows foreigners to stay for 30 days without a visa in order to encourage tourism. Furthe
Choi Shin Woohyun   2018-09-06
[WE.R.IN] The Registration System at Sookmyung Women’s University is Efficient
During course registration periods, students do not always get the schedule they hope for. Instead, they are often disappointed, and as such
Kim Kim Hyuna   2017-10-11
[WE.R.IN] Foreign language high schools should be abolished
For several years, a growing number of people have argued for the abolishment of foreign language high schools. In 2017, the issue became a
Song Yoon Heejeong   2017-09-05
[WE.R.IN] The Right to Vote Should Be Altered to Include 18 year olds
Early this year, citizens throughout the nation gathered continuously at Gwanghwamun to rally for President Park Geun-hye’s impeachment and
Kim Choi Hyojin   2017-06-23
[WE.R.IN] Living Together Before Marriage Is Necessary
Young people today are more accepting of living together with their partners before marriage than in the past. According to the National Sta
Kim Lim Minji   2017-04-04
[WE.R.IN] Celebrity Visits on Campus Should Be Allowed
For several years, Sookmyung Women’s University refused celebrity unannounced visits. However, in 2016, a number of well-known artists poppe
Kim Seol Jieun   2017-03-09
[WE.R.IN] Women’s Studies Should Be Mandatory
Last autumn at Sookmyung, a professor was let go for sexual discrimination. In response, students erected handwritten posters calling for wo
Kim Lim Minji   2016-12-10
[WE.R.IN] Google maps should be allowed in Korea
These days, controversy over Google maps in Korea is a big issue. Some people say the government should not allow Google maps due to securit
Kim Kim Hyuna   2016-10-06
[WE.R.IN] Course registration should operate on the first-come-first-served basis
From August 9th students will know their timetables for the next semester. Are you satisfied with your choices and times? While some may fee
Wee Hwang Jaeyeon   2016-09-04
[WE.R.IN] Should We Learn Chinese in University?
Recently, China has raised its status in the world. There are Chinese experts influencing all aspects of life from world markets to global p
Kim Lim Minji   2016-06-09
[WE.R.IN] Scholarships: For Low-Income Students or High-Achieving Students
Korea University has decided to make scholarships only available to low-income students. The university hopes it will help low-income studen
Lim Lee Gyuwon   2016-05-08
[WE.R.IN] Bar Exam Abolition, Gains and Losses
Recently, the idea of abolishing the bar exam has become a topic of hot debate among students dreaming of becoming judicial officers. With t
Park Kang Sieun   2016-03-05
[WE.R.IN] External Activities, Blooming Flowers or Poisoned Weeds?
Nowadays, most first year students ponder whether or not to participate in off-campus activities. They are undecided because they cannot gua
Kim Seol Jieun   2015-11-23
[WE.R.IN] No KIds Zone; Include or Exclude, that is the Question
Every day people see various signs that ban things. ‘No Pets Allowed’ and ‘No Bicycles Allowed’ are a couple of common ones that you might s
Kim Rey Yeeun   2015-10-10
[WE.R.IN] Relations between Freedom and Regulation
Recently, the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Corona virus (MERS) hit Korea, so countries all over the world were watching wide-eyed to how
Oh Lee Sumin   2015-09-06
[WE.R.IN] Blind Test, Finding the Person Right for the Job
Companies seek the fittest person for the job, and interviewees strive to be those persons. For interviewees, knowing what type of interview
Kim Rey Yeeun   2015-06-05
[WE.R.IN] New School Hours at Sookmyung
Sookmyung Women’s University has introduced 75-minute class system from spring semester 2015. Before 2015, Sookmyung operated lectures at 12
Park Kang Sieun   2015-04-29
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