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[LETTER] Find Gratitude and Happiness in May
The scene around Sookmyung Women’s University in May is full of carnations and students writing gratitude cards to their parents and profess
Yoo Kim Juhee   2014-05-09
[LETTER] Aren’t We All Liars?
April Fool’s Day will soon be upon us. Sookmyungians often prepare events like wearing high school uniforms to class. I have also fooled my
Yoo Kim Juhee   2014-04-10
[COLUMN] New Start, New Semester, New Sookmyung Times
Winter vacation is over and a new semester has begun. SMU campus seems ever so vibrant thanks to our new members. Writing the first article
Yoo Kim Juhee   2014-03-07
[LETTER] To Shed Light Upon Sookmyung
One more speedy university year is drawing to an end this month. As a Sookmyungian, what was 2013 like? I am sure you would have heard and s
Yoo Kim Juhee   2013-11-28
[LETTER] Keep Running
The 2013 year just seems like it started only yesterday, and yet, it is already November. Once November ends, there are only a few days left
Yoo Kim Juhee   2013-11-10
[LETTER] No More Worries
It’s already October and midterms are right around the corner. During midterms, many students often experience an increase in worries. They
Yoo Kim Juhee   2013-10-02
[LETTER] My Journey, Starting...
A new semester has started. What did you do over the holiday? Compared to others, university students have relatively long vacations. As a r
Yoo Kim Juhee   2013-09-08
[LETTER] Last Letter
I remember the scene when I first came into the Sookmyung Times. I was a freshman and I didn’t know anything. Since then, two years have pas
Lim Lee Hyungsun   2013-06-03
[LETTER] One Only Understands the Things that One Tames
Sometimes, we have a very wonderful experience through a book. It would be, of course, an enjoyment of some new world that you didn’t know a
Lim Lee Hyungsun   2013-05-07
[LETTER] Who Has seen the wind?
A month has passed since the start of the new semester. And we all felt extremely hectic this month. Living busily would be evidence that
Lim Lee Hyungsun   2013-04-05
[LETTER] Waiting for NEW, You
There was no big difference between January 1st during the sweet winter vacation and the previous day, December31st. I had the same daily li
Lim Lee Hyungsun   2013-03-08
[EDITORIAL] LETTER from President Sunhye Hwang
LETTER from President Sunhye HwangI am pleased to celebrate the release of the 300th edition of the Sookmyung Times (SMT), the official Engl
President Sunhye Hwang   2012-12-09
[LETTER] Thank You
I start my final letter in 2012 with this poem.Memories To TreasureMay the days until Christmas be full of sweet pleasure,And your holidays
Lim Lee Hyungsun   2012-12-09
[EDITORIAL] The Power of One
One song can spark a moment, One flower can wake the dreamOne tree can start a forest, One bird can herald springOne smile begins a friendsh
SwooKyung Suh   2012-12-06
[LETTER] November, a Month when Not Everything has Gone by
Once upon a time, there was a King. Maybe he was a king of Rome. At that time, there was not a notion of month, and people just thought wh
Lim Lee Hyungsun   2012-11-16
[EDITORIAL] See the Future Through the Convergence
We are living in an era of changing, which based on the convergence. The best example of these changing icon; Apple’s Steve Jobs that showed
Heungryeol Kim   2012-11-06
[LETTER] Great Change
There are two women who are most blamed in history. Can you guesswho they are? These women appear in Greek and Roman Mythology andthe Bible,
Lim Lee Hyungsun   2012-10-10
[COLUMN] Quite, Moving the World
Before you are a university student, in other words, when you were waiting to enter SMU, you would hear the words from the adults, “Accordin
Lim Lee Hyungsun   2012-10-10
[LETTER] Women who Made Great Change
There are two women who are most blamed in history. Can you guess who they are? These women appear in Greek and Roman Mythology and the Bibl
Lim Lee Hyungsun   2012-10-10
[COLUMN] Have You Googled GaGa Today?
Google goes Gaga. This is the title of this video. Google’s fun and unique questions combined with exciting answers from today’s pop icon
Yoo Kim Juhee / Reporter   2012-09-09
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