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[WOMAN] Finding Her Story [새창] Park Kim Injin / Reporter 2010-10-06
[WOMAN] The Pink Diary [새창] Park Kim Injin 2010-09-06
[WOMAN] Come Right in Happy Women Campus, Sookmyung [새창] Sah Kim Hyesun / Senior Report 2010-05-08
[WOMAN] Are You Living with a Barbie? [새창] Sah Kim Hyesun / Reporter 2010-04-05
[WOMAN] Father to Daughter [새창] Hwang Hong Yuhwa 2009-12-17
[WOMAN] The First and the Present [새창] Hwang Hong Yuhwa 2009-11-05
[WOMAN] Eve, Out of Eden into a Market [새창] Hwang Hong Yuhwa 2009-09-07
[WOMAN] Challenging Ideas, Changing the World [새창] Hwang Hong Yuhwa 2009-06-05
[WOMAN] Genuine Leader in the Banknote [새창] Kim Lee Kyunghee 2009-04-03
[WOMAN] Goddesses in Every Modern Woman [새창] Kim Lee Kyunghee 2009-03-04
[WOMAN] The Pursuit of Beauty Cosmetic [새창] Cho Ku Yunji 2008-10-07
[WOMAN] World's Super Mrs. [새창] Kim Lee Kyung-hee 2008-06-08
[WOMAN] What Planet Are You From? [새창] Kim Lee Kyung-hee 2008-05-09
[WOMAN] Ladies Wear Something Special [새창] Cho Ku Yun-ji 기자 2008-03-10
[WOMAN] Killing the Goddesses [새창] Hwang Jeon Seo-kyung 2007-12-15
[WOMAN] Her Recipe Changing Life [새창] Hwang Jeon Seo-kyung 기자 2007-10-02
[WOMAN] New City Design for Women [새창] Hwang Jeon Seo-kyung 기자 2007-09-11
[WOMAN] Equal under the God!? [새창] Reporters of Women Department 2007-05-11
[WOMAN] Here Kitty! Follow Me with Soft Steps [새창] Yoo Kang Hyun-ji 기자 2007-03-26
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