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[REPORT] A Volunteer for Evening Class, Yang Soo Jin
Have you heard about evening classes? Evening classes start at night for people who cannot study in the daytime. You might have heard people
Kim Go Jung-in   2007-05-04
[MUSE ON] Toys Swim in Art
Do you have a toy that you played with in former times, or perhaps you still play with? We have had many of toys since we were babies. There
An Lee Jung-Un   2007-04-30
[REPORT] Spread the Wings, Break Prejudice
There is a girl. The girl had a vision and wanted to be a doctor of oriental medicine. She made an effort to get good grades in her studies.
An Lee Jung-Un   2007-04-30
[REPORT] In Search of Your Aptitude
What is your dream? What will you do when you graduate from university? If you are a senior, you decide your job and way. However, many fres
An Lee Jung-un   2007-04-06
[FORMAL ARTICLES] In Seattle Talking about Sookmyung Women’s University
The University of Washington (UW) was established in 1861 and it is the oldest state university on the Pacific coast. The university was loc
Hwang Jeon Seo-kyung 기자   2007-04-06
[FORMAL ARTICLES] Implantable Contact Lenses
In ancient times, people could see really tiny things far away; however a person of the present age can't even see letters in a newspaper. F
Yun Jung Ji-hye   2007-04-06
[WE.R.IN] Free-lancer
Some day ago, an announcer made it known about his voluntary resignation and expressed his will to become a free-lancer. Likewise, an entert
Yun Jung Ji-hye   2007-04-06
[MUSE ON] Things as They Are
The "50 Years World Press Photo" exhibition was held from February 9 to March 12 at the Seoul Gallery in the Press Center. To enhance the sp
Yun Jung Ji-hye 기자   2007-04-06
[REPORT] How Do You Study for the Exam?
1. How far in advance of the exam is study done? 1) 2‐3 days 2) 1 week 3) 2 weeks 4) 1 month 2. Where do you do most of your study? 1)
Yun Jung Ji-hye   2007-04-06
[MAPGAZINE] History Changeable, Looking through Culture
Peter Ferdinand Drucker, an authority of business administration, said, “In the twenty‐first century, victory and defeat will be decid
Moon Ji-Young   2007-04-06
[REPORT] Living as an intern – Gia Kim
She said, “You’re late. I want an Americano coffee,” with a smile. Gia Kim, one of Sookmyungaians, who possesses an open-mind and spectacula
Yoo Kang Hyun-ji   2007-04-06
[REPORT] Feminism―A Man’s View
There is a man who has been busy publishing two books on feminism and giving a number of lectures on it, too. This time, the Sookmyung Times
Yoo Kang Hyun-ji   2007-04-06
[SPECIAL REPORTS] ASIA in the Borderless village, Wongokbon - dong
There are many foreign laborers in Korea and the media deals with their news in a negative or sad way. Some Korean people think a foreigner’
An Lee Jung-un   2007-04-06
[WE.R.IN] Are Funds a General Trend for Students?
Recently, not only common people, but also university students are interested in funds. Although students have little money, they have joine
Hwang Jeon Seo-kyung   2007-03-26
[MUSE ON] Temporary Technology in Art
Do you think there are some correlations between hacking and art? There is a remarkable exhibition where various things are displayed as a r
Yun Jung Ji-hye   2007-03-26
[FORMAL ARTICLES] Who Lives in a World of Paper Money?
The Controversy of New Money Design in Korea Following the floatation of the 5000 won unit of paper money and the discussion of its design a
Yoo Kang Hyun-ji   2007-03-26
The wind is blowing softly as if it were spring, although the season is winter. The uncomfortable seat in economy is forgotten as soon as we
Hwang Jeon Seo-kyung   2007-03-26
[REPORT] Let's Go Together with Troika
Do you remember the performance of the violin on the last November cold day? Or, do you recollect somebody giving students a ride in a wagon
Yun Jung Ji-hye   2007-03-26
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