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[SOCIETY] People Who Focus on Essence Rather Than Just Status Quo
Kim Eunho (1892-1979) was a renowned King’s portraitist living at the end of the Joseon Dynasty who was the most typical collaborator of the
Lee Jung seungji 기자   2009-04-05
[SOCIETY] Korean Diaspora
Lee Jung seungji 기자   2008-12-05
[SOCIETY] Crisis of Global Market in terms of Globalization
U.S. President George W. Bush recently said, “The U.S. economy is faced with an unprecedented challenge, and the world must respond with unp
Lee Jung Seungji   2008-11-09
[SOCIETY] Establishing the Genuine Leader
During the election season, Koreans could often hear that “There are no candidates who are suitable leaders for us.” As you may know, most
Lee Jung seungji 기자   2008-09-03
[SOCIETY] Inflation, Sweeping Over the Whole World
The Sookmyung Times (SMT) made a visit to Barunsaenghwal Sandwich café and the dining room, Café Snow. The manager of Barunsae
Lee Jung seungji 기자   2008-04-06
[SOCIETY] English : A Language of Opportunity
Recently, most Korean University students have been spending their vacation studying English. According to the Bank of Korea in 2005, annua
Lee Jung seungji 기자   2008-03-12
[SOCIETY] Can They Become Friends? - University Students & Korean Politics
The people ofare struggling against a military regime now. citizens want democracy, so they protest. It is the Buddhist monks and university
An Lee Jung-un   2007-11-05
[SOCIETY] Where We Go – Women’s Universities in Korea
A long time has passed since Sookmyung Women’s University (SMU) was founded in 1906. SMU now greets its 101st anniversary. SMU has changed c
An Lee Jung un   2007-06-20
A long time ago, there was a route called the ‘Silk Road’ for traversing the landlocked countries in Asia. For about 800 years, it extended
Kim Lee Ji-hye   2007-05-03
[SOCIETY] We Need New Surroundings
In the past, it is important for many people to make practical and strong buildings. So all external appearances of buildings which are loca
An Lee Jung-un   2007-04-06
[SOCIETY] Opening Education Markets, for Us or Not
“My name is J. I entered Harvard University. As you know, Harvard University is located in Seoul. I can learn foreign education through Harv
An Lee Jung-un   2007-03-26
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