Peace and Cooperation: Spring is Here!
Peace and Cooperation: Spring is Here!
  • Kim Hong Taeeun
  • 승인 2018.06.06 20:40
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Prior to the summit meeting between North and South Korea, a group of South Korean musicians visited the North to perform.  Under the title ‘Spring is Coming’, and peaceful cooperation between the two nations, artists put much effort into successfully delighting North Koreans in a friendly manner.  With Yoon Sang as the Music Director, eleven teams of singers including Cho Yongpil, Choi Jinhee, Lee Sunhee, YB, Baek Jiyoung, Jung In, Ali, Seohyun, Red Velvet, Kang San-eh, and pianist Kim Kwangmin were asked to perform on the memorable event.  The first performance was held on April 1 at the East Pyongyang Grand Theater.  Two days later, on April 3, the second and final performance took place.  The second performance carried special meaning for both North and South Korean artist because they performed together on stage.  The united harmony on stage impressed all audiences.  The arrival of Kim Jong-un, the Leader of North Korea, and his wife, Ri Solju, brought a welcomed surprise to all those in South Korea who watched a televised version of the show.  Koreans have always loved music throughout history.  Music is believed to be the means of bringing people together, regardless of differences.  ‘Spring is Coming’ is one such music event that illustrates this belief.  Through the event, Koreans realized that despite differences between the two nations, the differences
could be overcome by music, a common love that spans history.  Furthermore, the event showed how music can also be used as a tool in politics.  Politicians could learn from musicians sharing culture across borders.  Perceptions of people in each nation surely changed for the better.  South Korean artists’ hopes and dreams of moving the heart of North Koreans were successful.  The performance successfully struck hope among Koreans for peace between the two nations.  Furthermore, the 2018 InterKorean Summit that took place on April 27 brought the two nations even close to each other.  The meeting of the two summits in Panmunjom enabled the two nations to take a big step towards cessation, denuclearization, and peace.  Many people probably have wished for unification between the two nations for a long time, but lost hope due to recent tensions.  However, 2018 became a clear turning point in the two nations’ relationship.  With the Panmunjom Declaration, a promise made between the North and South, people began to dream of possible unification again.  The Korean Peninsula may be moving towards a new chapter in history, a bright Spring.


“[Close-Up on North Korea] Performance in Pyongyang, 13 Years Since the Last Performance… How did the North React?”, KBS News, March 31, 2018

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