Jack and the Beanstalk : Mistake and Success
Jack and the Beanstalk : Mistake and Success
  • Nam-Joon Kang
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"Have you been such a fool, such a dolt, such an idiot, as to give away my Milky?White, for a set of paltry beans?”

Hello readers!  Who do you think was so angry like this?  It is Jack’s mother.  I mean Jack in the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ Yes, Jack’s mother said this right after he came back home with a handful of beans, trusting a stranger who said the beans are magical.  He swapped the cow, which is the last hope and everything of his mother and himself, for these beans.  In other words, Jack destroyed the only hope of his family.

I believe that many people, mess things up and face a huge problem like Jack did in the story.  However, as you know well, Jack changed this mess into a great fortune to his family.  How?  From now on, I will talk about this.

Jack and His Mother: Mistake and Humiliation

You can imagine how much Jack’s mother was disappointed and angry when Jack came back to his house with a handful of beans.  When mother threw the beans out of the house and cried bitterly, Jack must have felt a real sadness and realized how big mistake he has made.  But he did not make any excuse.  He just took the anger and humiliation of his mother.  People do make mistakes as Jack did in the story and make other people disappointed.  Then, it might be better for us to wait until the right time comes for you to say something about it, as what Jack did in the story.

The Giant and the Treasure: Problem and Success

In the next morning Jack and his family saw a giant beanstalk grown up to the sky.  Jack might have felt fear and wanted to runaway from it.  However, as you know well Jack climbed up to the giant beanstalk and he went into the Giant’s house and he brought the treasure home.  We can sometimes see not only one but many giant beanstalks in our lives.  We may want to runaway from it because it looks too big for us to solve.  If we once runaway from the giant beanstalk then we can never overcome it.

Here I want to wrap up by saying ‘let’s not be discouraged when we make any mistake.  If we do our best to solve this problem courageously as what Jack did in the story’, then, we can turn this problem into a huge success in our life.

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