Manners Maketh the Consumer
“Customer is king”. These words were often heard in the service industry until recently. Workers used to receive training on how to meet consumer demands regardless of their manners. Employees were told to keep smiling to consumers. In addition to workers, consumers used to believe that they deserved royal treatment considering it as consumer rights because they were spending money. Recently, however, some workers are standing up for their rights, too. They are no longer accepting unethical behavior such as throwing a hamburger at a worker’s face, the grounding of an airplane because of peanuts, and so on. The time of change is upon us. Many people are criticizing these types of behavior and pushing for society to become ‘conscious consumers’, not just consumers. Then, what does a conscious consumer look like?
A World Where People Come First Needs Gender Equality
“Concerning the status of woman, we should be ashamed of being the bottom in almost every aspect comparing to other OECD countries. (…) I promise that I’ll examine the gender equality indicator so that the score of woman status in Korea can be enhanced to at least the average of OECD.” This is President Moon Jae-in’s statement, then a former representative of Democratic Party of Korea (DPK).
Is Sookmyung Really Safe?
“We want a safe school environment where we can study freely as much as we want.” This is not the desire of just one student. It is the voice of all Sookmyungians and women’s university students. As most students already know, students often feel threatened and afraid due to the presence of outsiders on campus. The feeling is not only felt by Sookmyunians, but also by numerous other women's universities.
MAY, 2019
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Is Sookmyung Really Safe?
A World Where People Come First Needs Gender Equality
Manners Maketh the Consumer
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