Make Our Story, Not History
The keyword that shook society in 2018 was feminism. Covered extensively in the last several issues of SMT, feminism has come to light in many ways such as the Me Too Movement, anti-corset movement, the demonstration against digital crimes, and gender inequality. The wave was also felt in various industries, particularly the film industry. Feminism is not an issue related solely to sexual crimes, but it affects the consciousness of people. More and more people started to watch films centered on perceptions of gender equality. Along with changes to the culture of consumer characteristics, changes were seen in the 2018 film industry. How exactly did it change? Was the change strong enough to accomplish gender equality? This article details and analyzes the various aspects of gender equality in the film industry.
A New Wave of Commerce
After lunch, she heads to a cafe. There, she orders a coffee latte from the staff at the register and she waits for the payment. The staff lets her know the amount, and she turns on her smartphone to pay without the use of cash or a card. She inputs the cost and a password on her smartphone and then places the phone close to the QR code reader on the counter. In seconds, the payment is confirmed by the staff at the counter. This method of payment is called ‘Zero-pay’ in Korea. The payment system, launched by the Seoul government, differs slightly from existing payment methods. Then, what is zero-pay?
Knowledge Is Benefit
Whenever grades are released, students in school communities question which scholarships they qualify for, and most students do not have the accurate answers. When they talk to others without accurate information, they are always left with more questions. In addition to scholarships, Sookmyungians lack information about other schools’ benefit programs. If Sookmyungians don’t use benefit programs, the programs become useless. To help Sookmyungians learn more about benefit programs, in this article SMT provides in depth details of various programs Sookmyungians can use.
MARCH, 2019
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A New Wave of Commerce
Make Our Story, Not History
This Is Me
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