Pink Tax: It Costs More to Be a Female Consumer
A macaron has emerged as a popular dessert in recent years. Even though it was quite pricy, people were willing to spend the money to buy it. However, the Pink Tax wave, which emerged in 2015, has hit the macaron market as well. People who claim the price of a macaron is inflated due to Pink Tax believe the price is deliberately priced high because most consumers of macarons are women. On the other hand, some people say that it is natural for the price of a macaron to be expensive because the process of making a macaron is complex. Despite the controversy as to whether a product’s pricing is due to Pink Tax or not, there is a growing call to boycott products suspected of Pink Tax. SMT takes an in-depth look at why Pink Tax discriminates against women.
A Prayer for Noble Sacrifices
Skipping school, Noonsong thought she could sleep until noon. The day felt like a national holiday. However, siren sounds from the television in the living room woke her up suddenly. What happened? Why was the television turned on? Running into the living room full of anger and worry, her emotions soon turn to shame. It’s June 6, national Memorial Day for the Republic of Korea. It’s a day commemorating honored past patriots. Each Memorial Day sirens ring loudly so that people remember to take one minute of silence for the honored deceased.
The Second Home for Sookmyungians
After waking up each morning, Noonsong, a freshman living in Sookmyung Residence Hall (Myeongjaekwan), heads to the common room lounge to find something to eat for breakfast. After getting a bowl of cereal, she readies herself for the day of lectures and leaves her room 20 minutes before class begins. Once the lectures end, she heads back to her room. At 7 p.m, she goes to the weight room on the 1st floor of the dormitory for the pilates class. Doing pilates, she talks and exercises with other department students. The next day is Friday, and since she has no classes on Friday, she decides to visit her home.
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Pink Tax: It Costs More to Be a Female Consumer
A Prayer for Noble Sacrifices
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