’Fashionable’ Politics
“I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?” This was the statement written on the khaki-colored jacket worn on June 21, 2018 by U.S. First Lady Melania Trump during her visit to an immigrant children's camp in Mexico, Texas. The media voiced various perspectives on the intent of wearing such clothing, and the world started to talk about it seriously. Especially, The New York Times claimed the target of the statement was U.S. President Trump in attempt to refute his opposition to immigrants. However, The Washington Post called it "jacket-gate", criticizing her for wearing it. This paper claimed she was voicing agreement with President Trump’s stance. Although she claimed the statement printed on the jacket was meaningless, it was caught by media across the world, including Korea. Why is her jacket receiving worldwide attention?
We Were Once Delivery Lovers...
In the afternoon on a lazy weekend, Noonsong (translated as Snowflake in English) rolls about in the bed. With the new semester beginning, Noonsong feels pressured and tired, so she turns on the food delivery app. Unable to decide what to eat, she spends her time just looking at the various foods. After reading several reviews of foods, she orders her meal, following the advice of reviewers. After lunch, she goes to her favorite café on the food delivery app and orders coffee. Noonsong gets her delivered coffee, and then she writes an honest review for others before closing the app. She doesn’t have to go out and only uses the touch of her finger to get what she wants. This situation may seem fine, but does it really benefit everyone?
Welcome, First Times in CROSS Campus?
Pew Pew, Capstone Design, Monday Food Talk, and Red Fan, Blue Fan. These names are probably quite familiar to many Sookmyungians. However, what links them together? The answer is ‘CROSS Campus Project’. Though not heard about CROSS Campus Project, Sookmyungians may be familiar with projects within the program. Selected at the end of 2016, CROSS Campus Project Group is a group that is in charge of the Program, which works to create a future combining tradition with culture. To know more about CROSS Campus Project, this article looks at its activities and events at Sookmyung as well as the future of CROSS Campus.
APRIL, 2019
My School Look
Impact on Sookmyungians
My School Look
World of Higashino Keigo
I Draw : Build Your Imagination
We Communicate and Love through Feelings
Critical Voice to Change the World
Select Happiness for the Sake of Your Mental Health
100th Anniversary of the March First Independence Movement
Haeoreum Festival starts the New Semester
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