Dream Festival: Helping You Realize Your Dreams
Dream Festival: Helping You Realize Your Dreams
  • Kim Lee Hyunmin
  • 승인 2019.10.01 08:59
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At Snowflake Square in Sookmyung Women’s University, a job fair was held from September 4 to 5. At the event, Sookmyungians received detailed information about employment and career road maps. The job fair had four main divisions: job/employment counseling, employment policy promotion booths, special lectures on employment, and an event booth. Among the fair divisions, job/employment counseling was the most crowded with Sookmyungians. Lim Jihyun, a consultant at the Job Center at Sookmyung Women’s University, said, “Opportunities for students to talk with employers are rare. This event offers students the chance to meet in person people working for and/or recruiting for companies to hear about different companies hiring practices. The job fair gave Sookmyungians direct access to employment applications and chances to ask for advice on getting a job with a specific company.” The job fair is held each fall, but this year, the department in charge said they tried to give students the information they most needed. Lim pointed out that while the number of event booths decreased this year, the number of counseling booths increased compared to last year. In addition, the job fair provided more essential job hunting information, so the event booth and special lecture divisions focused on job seeking at overseas companies and state-owned companies. Moon Jiwon, Division of Biological Sciences ’15, received advice from a counseling booth and listened to a special lecture on NCS. She said, “It was a great chance to get some much need information. At the job/employment counseling booth, the counselor gave me lots of excellent advice on working for a company in a field that is even different from my major. Also, the special lecture was really beneficial. I am sure every student regardless of their major will have received great job-seeking tips here at the job fair.” The fair not only helped Sookmyungians on their path to achieving their dreams through the provision of practical information, but it also allowed them to meet with people connected to the companies they are interested in working.

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