To Become a Good Communicator
To Become a Good Communicator
  • Kim Lee Kyung hee
  • 승인 2007.10.02 18:12
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The best communicator among leaders said about becoming a good communicator.  Lee In-yong, an executive director of Samsung Electronics Corporation, explained how to become a good communicator in Shinhan Bank Hall at Centennial Hall on September 17.  He has a special career as a journalist and a businessman.  First, he put emphasis on the speech, “People often make a conversation distorted as much as they want.  Furthermore, conversation can be changed according to the intention of the speaker.  So if we want to make a good conversation, it is very important that we put into our true intent it.” 

In addition, he said that the way to become a leader is to be a good communicator. 
“I think that a good leader is a good communicator.  Good communicators always speak the truth and must have a communication skill of being aware of listeners’ motives.”  He also emphasized honesty, clear mind, and humility as important factors to be a good communicator. 


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