School of Global Service Briefing Session
School of Global Service Briefing Session
  • Lee Hwang Hayoung
  • 승인 2019.11.01 09:48
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On October 7, 2019, in Centennial Hall Room 505, the School of Global Service held a briefing session. The goal of the School of Global Service is to understand the new global business environment and the multiple cultures of rising countries of economic powers and underdeveloped countries. It pursuits a curriculum that differs from other university’s graduate school programs in International Studies. The School of Global Service has two specialty majors, one is global cooperation and the other is entrepreneurship. The main difference between the two specialties is that global cooperation majors learn how to carry out professional tasks at global institutes. Entrepreneurship majors learn to take the lead in business planning in multination cooperation and venturing in the global market. In other words, global cooperation majors acquire professional politics, economics, history, and culture knowledge of rising global countries and underdeveloped countries. For entrepreneurship majors, they are trained to develop their creative and revolutionary thinking through actual start-ups that cultivate practical skills. In the past, students interested in double majoring with a specialty from the School of Global Service had to check requirements because there used to be a minimum grade limit, but from the 2019 Spring semester, that requirement was abolished. The advantages of studying in the School of Global Service include the 1:1 mentoring with a professor and the strong upper-lower classmate network. Lee Eunseol, Division of Education ’19 major said “I came to Sookmyung Women’s University so that I could double major in entrepreneurship. Attending this briefing session, I learned here are a lot of students doing this major.” Besides Lee, all participants in the session were satisfied with the knowledge they took away from the presentation. Professor Jo Jungin, from Global Cooperation, said the merit of studying global cooperation is access to internship programs that the School provides its students, which increases a graduate’s competitiveness. Moreover, our students are exposed to lots of underdeveloped countries, so they can learn altruism. This information session provided lots of needed information to Sookmyungians seeking to major or double major in one of the specialty majors offered by the School of Global Service.

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