Possess Your Own Things
Possess Your Own Things
  • Choi Song Bojeong, Sang Lim Hyeji
  • 승인 2020.09.01 09:55
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Modern people live a busy lifestyle. After spending most of the day at school or at work, they rest at home to relax their tired minds and bodies. They also spend their weekends relaxing because they didn't get enough rest during the week. As such, modern people spend their days without doing any meaningful activities, and this repetitive routine makes them bored. Because of this, a new idea has emerged. It's a DIY kit. In order to escape their tedious routines, people are finding new experiences with DIY kits. SMT reporters decided to make a difference in their daily lives by completing a DIY kit. 


Create it on your own 

DIY is an abbreviation for 'Do It Yourself', and a DIY kit is a product that allows consumers to make things on their own. In Korea, DIY kits have been available since 1988, but it is only recently that they gained popularity. DIY kits have risen in popularity largely due to COVID-19, which dictates the necessity for social distancing and telecommuting and an increase in the amount of the time people spend at home. People at home are looking for new hobbies, and DIY kits allow them to create something at home. DIY kits are now the most suitable hobby for people of 2020. One of the more popular DIY kits is Dalgona coffee, which is now a trendy drink among people. In addition to this drink, DIY candle making, mask making, and ring making kits are popular. There are many DIY kits available, and the concept of DIY has even shown its presence in other industries including fashion, play, and food. 
The number of people buying DIY kits is steadily increasing, and they have had positive effects on people suffering through the pandemic. People gain a sense of enjoyment, accomplishment, and vitality creating something firsthand; feelings that cannot be sensed when the same item is purchased. People can also increase their satisfaction gained from DIY kits by adding their own uniqueness. Products created from DIY kits are unique to the individual. As such, people enjoy completing a DIY kit, and the DIY trend seems likely to continue. The positive effects people gain from working on a product on their own will ultimately lead to positive changes in society. Consumer demands for more various DIY kits are increasing, and industries capitalizing on the concept of DIY are also growing. These growth trends are benefiting both consumers and businesses and shows that individuals and society, as a whole, can experience positive change from the DIY trend. 


All by myself 

With demand for DIY kits high, companies are making them available for purchase through various outlets. One can buy them directly from a store or through online or smartphone shopping. SMT reporters bought their 'Leather Wallet' DIY kit from the application 'Somssidang' to avoid potentially spreading COVID-19. SMT reporters recommend use of an application because an application provides discount promotional coupons that are not available at on-site locations. On average, the product will be received within two days if the order is placed via regular post; however, if the purchase runs over a weekend, the product will come in about four days. The kits include instructions, QR codes to watch videos of someone creating the product, and everything needed to make the wallet. After receiving the kit, these SMT reporters carefully inspected the delivery to make sure there were no shipping mistakes. After examining the instructions, the wallet appeared relatively easy to make and required simply sewing. Knitting the actual wallet with its enclosed strap were the last steps in making the wallet. Reporters could not understand all the instructions, so they referred to the QR code information video. The video provided more detail and clarity, so despite problems, SMT reporters were able to overcome the challenges using the video as a reference. The instructions said it would take about 30 minutes, but after reading and watching, it took less than 10 minutes to make the wallet. 
Like SMT reporters, you can follow the instructions, or you can create something unique by modifying it according to your taste. The instructions do not have to be followed exactly. For instance, how you stitch the wallet is entirely up to you so you can make a completely new design or you can customize your wallet by drawing on it or decorating it with stickers. Especially if you wish to create a product of high quality, you will need to prepare any additional materials you may need as they are not included in the kit. Since it is often hard to find a product that completely satisfies oneself, SMT reporters suggest making your own, and they were highly satisfied with their creations. Thanks to this experience, SMT reporters can have the wallet they wanted, and it wasn't at all hard to make. Reporters also gained a sense of accomplishment at having made it without being an expert. Through the activity, reporters saw new possibilities; they created something on their own. With COVID-19 continuing to spread across the world, people are losing passion at home. DIY kits offer people the chance to escape the tedium of life at home. In other words, DIY kits enable people not only to create something unique but also make it possible to sense accomplishment.  


Changes through DIY 

People need an escape from daily routines. Rest is indeed peaceful, but continued rest leads to boredom. The next time you have a bit of free time, why not give a DIY kit a try? Create something on your own and discover the joy that comes from the process. Then, you will be able to find a possibility of creation. SMT hopes you escape the dreariness of everyday life by grabbing the opportunity to sense enjoyment from doing something new. 


Choi Song Bojeong / Reporter 
Sang Lim Hyeji / Reporter 

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