Songs That Make You Work Harder
Songs That Make You Work Harder
  • Lee Hwang Hayoung
  • 승인 2020.09.01 09:55
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Many say 'Music is my life'. Music is an important part of life, satisfying a need among people. People listen to music on the subway, on the bus, when they work out, and even when they need to concentrate on a task. Some people argue that music prevents them from working hard. However, videos titled 'Work Songs' that aim to help people work harder are gaining huge popularity on YouTube. What songs make Sookmyungians work harder? 

COVER OF "Kings & Queens"


1. Kings & Queens - Aba Max 
(Kwon Doyoon, Department of English Language & Literature '19) 

The online Spring semester of 2020 made me visit a café often. Because every class was online, I had to study at home, but I got sick of staying at home all the time so I went to the café near my home with my mask on. One day, I got stuck working on a project and this song came on the café speaker. I listened to it, and suddenly it inspired me to work harder and harder. Now, whenever I have a lot of work to do, I always listen to this song. 

COVER OF "Hot Summer"


2. Hot summer - f(x) 
(Shim Minchae, Department of English Language & Literature '19)  

For me, the worst season is summer. I hate the sizzling sun and rainy season. Whenever summer gets closer, I feel exhausted and lose my will to do things. I have listened to this song since elementary school. At that time, I never thought much about it, but as I matured and every time summer got closer, I would start listening to this song. Surprisingly, I get the energy to do things in summer after listening to this song.  

COVER OF "Leerohan"


3. Leerohan - Rohann 
(Shin Hyunsoo, Department of Physical Education '19) 

I am the same age as the songwriter. The song is about his life and his family. When I listen to this song, I get inspired by his story. The lyrics are heard clearly from the singer's passionate voice, which increase the charm of this song. Listening to the song makes me concentrate on my work. I feel his efforts in his life as I listen and I know he has come a long way.  

COVER OF "Start"


4. Start - Gaho 
(Bang Hyojung, Department of English Language & Literature '19) 

This song is from <Itaewon Class>. Before I start something, I listen to this song to gain confidence. Whenever I need to do something, I listen to the song, and am ready to begin. I recommend this song on the first day of a planned trip or before starting your daily routine. Every time I turn on this song, I get so excited wherever I am. I listen to it in the car, at a restaurant, and in my hotel room. Each word in the lyrics is meaningful. 

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