Finding my way
Finding my way
  • Kim Lee Hyunmin
  • 승인 2020.11.02 09:55
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Last year, everything that I was interested in got adjusted. Becoming an adult meant I had to make numerous decisions on my own and take responsibility for any consequences that arose from those decisions. I also had to adapt to a university environment that was new to me. I was worried all the time, but as time passed, my worries fell dead. I perfectly adapted to the life of a young 20-year-old, and I welcomed in the 2020 year. My biggest worry this year was about my future. How am I going to support myself? Why am I at university? How can my studies relate to my life? Will I be able to get a job after graduating from college? Full of anxiety, I looked for a career road map from my department and consulted my parents. To eliminate anxiety about my future, I began to plan for my near future. I took out a piece of paper and started a plan for the remaining semester and coming vacations that I had to complete before graduating. I wrote down everything including all my plans to study for subject-matter certificates to places I wanted to visit before graduation. Once I had it all down on paper, I started to look around. My friends were already participating in contests and working on items they could add to their CVs. I panicked. Was I too late? Then, anxiety filled my heart and mind once more, and scribbling on the paper seemed futile. The worries deepened like a well, and I couldn’t concentrate on anything, nor could I sleep well.  
In deep despair, I went to my mother for advice. I told her I didn’t know what I should do in life. My mom only offered these few words, “Life is long. Don’t stress about a future that has yet to come. The whole life is finding your life. I’m still finding what I should do and what I want to do.” I had gotten so caught up in the anxiety of the immediate future that I had never considered the far future. Who designs their entire future from their youth? If everything were pre-planned, it would be like playing the game <The SIMS>. All I have to do is live each day, each month, and each year diligently.  

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