Feel the New Season Through Your Fashion
Feel the New Season Through Your Fashion
  • Kim Han Yujin
  • 승인 2020.12.01 10:00
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Please introduce your personal style to our readers.

With the end of midterms, I enjoy relaxing, so I'm feeling refreshed nowadays. I think it's good to spend this study break time feeling the change of seasons. However, with winter approaching, I have also had to prepare warmer clothes than what I usually wear. I especially like leather clothing because it makes me seem more fashionable. Leather, of course, is more susceptible to the cold than cotton, but I don't want to forgo looking 'chic'.


Please share your winter travel fashion tips with our readers.

I think the most important point is to focus fashion by matching color combinations in your outfits. My favorite color combination is beige and black, and that is why I am wearing a beige skirt with a black leather jacket. I am also wearing a black cropped T-shirt under my leather jacket to spice up my fashion. I opted for a t-shirt as it seemed a sensible match to wear inside my outerwear items. I recommend cropped T-shirts whenever you are at a loss for something to wear inside a jacket.


1. Top / MAISON CELIN / 16,700 won
2. Skirt / Yourrine / 16,800 won
3. Jacket / Lunakorrs / 89,000 won
4. Shoes / Unknown / 39,000 won
5. Bag / JUDITH MALL / 13,900 won

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