Making the World Healthy With Fresh Energy
Making the World Healthy With Fresh Energy
  • Kwon Jung Eunseo
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Together with the COVID-19 pandemic and modern people sitting in front of electronic devices for extended periods of time, many people have lost both their physical and mental health. Is there a vitamin for these weary modern people? One Sookmyungian is steadily helping others receive transfusions of vitamin by energizing them. SMT interviewed the YouTuber <VitaminJINY>, who teaches exercises online through brightness and passion.


Before we get started, would you please introduce yourself briefly?

My name is Shin Jieun, and I am a pilates instructor. I manage Roum Body Studio in Seocho-dong, which specializes in pilates and proper dieting. I'm also working as a YouTuber on the channel <VitaminJINY>. I graduated from Sookmyung Women's University with a Degree in Dance.

<strong>PHOTOS FROM SJE</strong><br>


What made you decide to become a pilates instructor?

I began learning modern dance since I was a middle school student and this led to my successful admission to Sookmyung Women's University. After entering university, I realized many classmates were better than me. I had to admit my physical condition was not as good as other dancers and that my skills were not at their level. Then I knew that I had better look at other things in life besides dancing. I tried being a ballet instructor, a yoga instructor, a model, a musical actor, and others. Attempting those careers, I enrolled in a pilates class at our school. From that time on, I felt the charm of that sport, which differed from dance. Ever since that time, I've aimed at learning more aboutpilates. I worked hard and I'm now a pilates instructor.


You are a graduate of Sookmyung Women's University with a Degree in the Department of Dance. Has this helped or affected your work and career?

Sookmyung Women's University was my first choice when I applied to universities. It is now my alma mater and I have a lot of affection for the school. I took a variety of classes throughout my 4 years of study such as yoga, pilates, skiing, and computers. Each of the classes I took had profound effects on my life and were valuable experiences. I was also able to start lecturing faster because I was able to earn yoga and pilates certificates while attending a school. The Department of Dance at Sookmyung really opened up various opportunities for me, and from those opportunities, I discovered my calling in life was with yoga and pilates.


You mentioned that you manage Roum Body Studio. As a manager, what would you say you must pay most attention to?

The most important aspect is to ensure class quality, but relationships between gym members and the instructors are equally important. I want all my gym members to feel energized and spend their time productively. Therefore, I give a lot of care to my members' mindsets. With the right mindset, I can get the best and give the best to everyone who participated in class.

<strong>PHOTOS FROM SJE</strong><br>


You have a long career in pilates and yoga. What is one of your most memorable experiences?

I would have to say, sharing my energy with others. Although it has become difficult to open in-person classes these days due to COVID-19, whenever I hold an open pilates or yoga class at Hangang River, I take pleasure in the people who attend. One day, I requested a participation fee of 10,000 won per person and I donated the proceeds to an abandoned dog center. Also, in one day, if the chance presents itself, I would like to hold an open class for Sookmyung Women's university students.


You are also managing a diet channel called <VitaminJINY> on YouTube. You currently have 640,000 subscribers. How hard did you have to work to gain this much popularity?

Upon reflection, I did not do my best. While I did work hard and produce videos, I didn't think I planned well enough or was specific enough. I focused on quantity rather than quality. One day, after noticing that, I made a video in which I paid close attention to the concerns of my subscribers so that they better understood the content of the video. I think I'm now better connected with my subscribers.



Please recommend some contents for Sookmyungians who are having difficulty exercising outdoors due to COVID-19.

Rather than recommending one single video, I would like to recommend the two-week challenge program on the 'VitaminJiny' website. The program requires 60 minutes of exercise a day, and the programs range from upper body to lower abdomen work. This program will show results to those who keep with it.


Last year, you published the book Vita Power Diet. It presents help programs for a variety of dieters. Could you introduce more about the book?

Actually, that is not my first book. I wrote Couple Homet for 15 Minutes a Day previously. It is a compilation of exercises that I personally experienced with my husband. Vita Power Diet is a project I did on my own, without any reference to my husband. I believe the book offers more helpful contents than I can actually present in a one-time video.


You must have faced a number of challenges in your various careers. Please share some of them with us.

The most difficult aspect of all my jobs was creation of something worth watching, especially as a YouTuber. There's a saying, "Be patient with the weight of the crown." In the past, I used to make videos without much thought of my audience, but nowadays, as more and more people watch my videos, I keep it in mind and spend time on detail. I suppose this is the most challenging aspect, but it is very rewarding whenever I read comments or messages such as "I'm getting better." Moreover, not long ago, I started the YouTube channel <Jiny's Diary> and <VitaminJINY KIDSCLUB> to diversify my content and reach different audiences. Thankfully, most viewers enjoy my content, so I work happily without thinking it is hard.



Then, what has been your happiest or most proud moment?

As I said just before, I love to hear comments such as "I have seen results from exercising," and "Thanks to you I now have healthy habits." Nothing else makes me as proud as hearing that I have helped others.


Many people have benefited from your help and positive energy. What advice do you give others seeking positivity?

Personally, I exercise at least 3 or up to 5 times a week. Whenever I move, I feel full of energy and my anxieties disappear. My hardships of the day before are forgotten or eliminated after exercising. I am a positive person, too, so whenever I sense I'm getting lazy, I try to overcome that feeling by continuous effort and doing my best. Moreover, I am always grateful for everything. Complaining about things only leads to negativity, so by changing one's mindset to feelings of thankfulness, even small trivial things can be lifted from the mind and the person will feel energy from being positive.


What does the future hold for you? Are you planning anything new?

I would love to open a healthcare center specializing in wellness for all. I would love to open a wellness healthcare online store that cares for individuals' healthy body and mind. I would sell yoga mats, exercise props, and health foods that promote proper living.


Last, do you have any final words that you would like to leave for Sookmyungians?

I have never forgotten the excitement of first entering school. At the time, I was also anxious for the future that was before me. There were times when I struggled. I didn't know at that time, but after reflecting on those times, there were precious assets that led me to where I am today. Nice Sookmyungians, I know all of you are working hard and being trained from SMWU for the future. You will feel tired and frustrated, but later, you will have no doubt that your time at Sookmyung provided you with a solid foundation. Vitamin JINY stands behind you as you continue forward.



Shin Jieun

- A Degree in Dance from Sookmyung Women's University
- 600,000 YouTube followers, <VitaminJINY>
- South Korea's fastest rising star, in terms of subscribers, on YouTube (as of August 2020)
- Top Ten Yoga Clothing Model
- Vita Power Diet Book Author

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