The Real Owner of SMT is YOU
The Real Owner of SMT is YOU
  • An Lee Jung-un
  • 승인 2007.10.02 18:27
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The Sookmyung Times (SMT) has been in existence for thirty five years.  Many students have been appointed as SMT reporters.  These reporters can gain diverse experience and approach readers through SMT.  I was also appointed as a cub-reporter in 2006 and had a chance to interact with them.  I experienced many things as a reporter and I was able to learn responsibility and discipline like all the reporters who came before me.  Sure, there were many benefits to be had from being a reporter, but not everything that I experienced was good.

Publishing the SMT is my obligation.  As I publish the SMT, I should give information and pleasure to readers.  However, it is a difficult task to both inform and entertain. The SMT reporters also have to study for their classes so they can graduate. I worry about the readers’ demands. ‘What is it that the readers really want?’  ‘How do I design this magazine to satisfy the readers?’ It is difficult, but it is also a labor of love. 

Although I meet many difficulties, I can’t stop this work and leave my position because of you, the reader.  SMT greets its thirty-fifth anniversary because you have read it for thirty five years.  I can continue to make the SMT because you will continue to read it.  Therefore, you are the real owners of the SMT.  If you do your duty—that is to read and point out SMT as owner—your SMT can develop more and more.  I hope I can look forward to your active participation in the future. 

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