Upper Year Classmates Are There for You
Upper Year Classmates Are There for You
  • Na Cho Seongah
  • 승인 2021.04.05 09:59
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A new semester has begun. To provide first year students with much needed information on school life and learning, Sookmyung Women's University's Faculty Learning Center hosted the "New Year Learning Method Series for a Happy College Life" program. From February 15 to 28 the Center offered applications on three courses on how to write reports, presentation strategies, and college life know-how by senior students on Snowway. After registering, participants had access to prerecorded videos on a snowboard. The "Upper Year students' Know-how of College Life" series for first year students presented learning methods that would ensure a better college life. Senior students from each college introduced their own learning methods for about 15 minutes. Because it was made by students in various colleges, first year students were able to learn specific methods related to their subject-matter. For English Literature first year students, seniors introduced applications and study methods that help them develop background knowledge of English to help explore their major deeply. For first year students who major in law, the seniors showed sample written materials that analyzed Korean language fingerprints in high school. And she said that its principle was adopted to her major studies. Like these two examples show, newcomers were informed of college expectations so that students could adapt to their respective departments well. In addition, upper year students also shared tips on how to apply for common requisite undergraduate classes as well as essential liberal arts courses. Students who uploaded the pre-recorded presentations also offered reviews on school and suburban activities based on personal experiences, and recommended a number of must-attend activities that hoped first years would register. Among the activities recommended was group study participation. From the program, first year students were able to establish detailed academic plans as well as learn about school life directly from senior student mentors.

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