Songs for the Blooming Season
Songs for the Blooming Season
  • Na Cho Seongah
  • 승인 2021.04.05 09:59
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When do you notice that spring has come? The beginning of spring differs for each person.  Some consider spring has arrived when they smell of spring, others when a branch buds up, and still others when spring rains fall. The beginning of spring marks a new beginning for everyone and makes many people's hearts flutter. What songs are your fellow Sookmyungians listening to and enjoying during spring? Below is their spring playlist, which just might enrich your daily life like the blooming season.


1. Spring and you - Martin Smith.
(Tae Jiho, Department of History & Culture '21)

I first heard this song in fall, not spring. I was sitting in front of the TV watching performances of other singers that I like. When this song was introduced, I felt warm as if cherry blossoms were fluttering around. I started playing the song repeatedly. I learned all the words. The line in the lyrics: "My red cheeks are like an apple. I want to be a tree that holds you." moved me beyond words. I think of red cheeks like a tree. I felt moved because I feel the line defines the process of going from feelings of romance to love. From that day forward, I have been a fan of that song and I listen to it every spring!


2. Burning - Rothy
(Park Sooyeon, Division of Law '21)

Spring is the time to greet a new life. Like the expression, the first step is important, spring is the time to set up a big passion for the year. This is likely the reason I enjoy Rothy's Burning. The song is about love between peoples, and the lyrics describe my passion for my field of interest. Above all, the fast tempo and lively melody of "Burning" have helped me live a strong healthy life each year through its empowering lyrics. Just like the candle in the introduction of the song that spreads in the wind and becomes a big fire, I hope everyone achieves their goals for 2021 and does so with passion in their heart.


3. Pots of Gold - Mamas Gun

Spring has come. It's a good song to listen to when you need to start something new or when you need to hop on tasks that you have been putting off, especially because the warmer weather cheers us on. The lyrics will make you unconsciously raise your crouched body and say, "I don't want to miss the sun. I will not procrastinate anymore." Pull out one of your goals from your new year's golden jar. By delaying tasks, you might miss something as precious as the lyrics of this song. Warmer up in spring by starting with this song!


4. 8DAYZ(ENGLISH VER.) - Megan Lee

I first heard this song when I was in middle school. I left for school earlier than usual and to enjoy the walk, I listened to this song while walking. I had my older sister's mp3 player at the time and this song was on the playlist. When I hear the song, I get a ticklish feeling about the start of a new semester. This song is a refreshing accompaniment to the spring season. I am sure my fellow Sookmyungians will better enjoy the change of season listening to this song as you go about your days. Enjoy the spring sunshine and look up at the clear blue sky. A small happiness awaits you.

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