Time to Say Goodbye
Time to Say Goodbye
  • Sang Lim Hyeji
  • 승인 2021.06.01 10:55
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The Sookmyung Times is ready to say goodbye once again to a valued reporter. A 87th reporter is saying adieu and 88th reporters are taking her place. It may be the end of the journey for the 87th reporter, but it is the start of a journey for the 88th reporters.

KES – She taught me a lot about work at The Sookmyung Times. She helped me so much, and the time we spend together will remain a good memory. Thanks to her and her leadership, I believe The Sookmyung Times will continue successfully.

SBJ – The times spent with her will remain a precious memory, and I would like to offer my deepest appreciation of her time with us. I promise to support her and wish her good tidings as her proceeds with school and life after SMT.

CSA – I can't believe our time with her is about to end. She was like a gift. Her presence always gave us great strength. Thanks to all her hard work, we will manage SMT well, and I wish her the best in all that she endeavors from now.

LHJ – Time has really flown by. I can't believe she is now writing her final SMT article. First of all, I want to say thank you. The six months that I worked with her were the most meaningful of my days with SMT. In other words, she made it meaningful for us. I look forward to seeing her at our reunion. Until then, fare well.

LHY – Throughout my two years and six months, I was extremely grateful to all my colleagues who worked tirelessly each day and night to get to where we wanted to be. I also appreciate the leadership of 86th reporters, the encouragement from the 87th reporters, and the support I took more than I was given from the 88th reporters. I am also thankful for each and every Sookmyungian who took the time to read my articles and all the people who helped me write the articles. The Sookmyung Times allowed me to develop personally, and I cannot imagine college life without this outstanding club. All the glory to God for leading me here for this wonderful journey with talented people which will be kept deep in my heart.


Sang Lim Hyeji / Editor-in-Chief
Choi Song Bojeong / Culture Section Editor

Kwon Jung Eunseo / Culture Section Editor
Lee Hwang Hayoung / Woman Section Editor

Na Cho Seongah / Society Section Editor

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