New Faces on SMT
New Faces on SMT
  • Kim Lee Jiwon
  • 승인 2021.06.01 10:55
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Park Gil Yeonseo

Hello, everyone. I'm Gil Yeonseo, 89th cub reporter of The Sookmyung Times. I'm a first year student majoring in law. As a new member of The Sookmyung Times, I promise to faithfully serve as a channel for communication between my school colleagues and the university. I am very honored to be here, and I will endeavour to do my best to learn from my senior reporters and fellow cub reporters. Thank you.


Yoon Kim Eunji

Hello everyone, my name is Kim Eunji. I am a first-year student in the Department of Food and Nutrition. I am very glad to have this opportunity to introduce myself as a newcomer to The Sookmyung Times. I believe that reporting on news stories and writing articles for The Sookmyung Times will help me develop a wider view of the world. Even though I will need the help of senior staff reporters, I promise to responsibly deliver the news and do my best. Thank you.


Park Sung Iyoung

Hello everyone! I'm Sung Iyoung, a first year student majoring in Public Administration. I am very honored to greet you as an 89th cub reporter for The Sookmyung Times. This will be my first ever time reporting and writing news articles, so I would like to offer my sincere apologies for anything you find lacking. With that said, I promise to responsibly do my best to deliver accurate and truthful news. Thank you.


Kim Lee Jiwon

Hi everyone! My name is Lee Jiwon and I'm majoring in TESL. I'm just starting college life as a first year student, and very much honored to be joining The Sookmyung Times as a reporter. I'm very pleased to meet and follow in the footsteps of senior reporters and colleagues. I also look forward to SMT activities. Knowing that we are all suffering from COVID-19 challenges in life, I vow to be the type of reporter who writes articles that deliver fast and accurate information but also empathizes and delights readers. I promise to do my best. Thank you.


Kim Lee Jiwon / Cub Reporter
Park Gil Yeonseo / Cub Reporter
Park Sung Iyoung / Cub Reporter
Yoon Kim Eunji / Cub Reporter

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