Make Sense of Human Rights Sprout!
Make Sense of Human Rights Sprout!
  • Park Sung Iyoung
  • 승인 2021.06.01 10:55
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Since March 10, 'Sookmyung Human Rights, Tuium(sprouting),' has been operating by the Sookmyung Women's University Human Rights Center. To foster a proper sense of human rights among students, lectures are offered to students by talent donations from various professors at Sookmyung Women's University. The lecture series consists of 10 videos, and each video is about 10 minutes long, making it easy and time efficient for students. The lectures are available for viewing on the SNOWBOARD e-class. And the lectures are all pre-recorded videos, everyone is eligible to view them. In particular, because various professors from various majors pre-recorded a lecture, students are able to enjoy human rights stories from a number of different viewpoints. During the second week of the lecture series, Kim Youngran, professor from the Department of Social Psychology, uploaded a lecture with the theme title 'Recognizing the Pain of Others.' During the lecture, Professor Kim told a touching story that centered on a picture of an orangutan that was reaching out to a drowning park ranger. She said, "Whenever we see others suffering, we must extend a hand to them and hold on." Kim implies that students must view the pain of others as the first step to taking human rights responsibly. During week five, the lecture entitled 'Prohibition of Discrimination and Human Rights' by Hong Sungsoo, a professor from the Division of Law, was uploaded. Hong's lecture discussed the concept of discrimination in detail. He also presented four areas where discrimination is considered a taboo in Korean society. At the end of his lecture, Professor Hong urged students to pay attention to discrimination issues in society, saying, "Discrimination is an important issue for everyone and provides a premise for society to be safe and peaceful." Through this lecture series, students at Sookmyung Women's University are able to learn about human rights and start to comprehend the true meaning of human rights.

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