"Noonsong" Will Have New Friend!
"Noonsong" Will Have New Friend!
  • Oh Song Minyeong
  • 승인 2021.09.01 09:59
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From July 28 to August 29, the Noonsong Friends Contest was held by the Sookmyung communications team. Sookmyung Women's University first introduced the character, who is personified as a snowflake, as the school emblem in 2002 to promote the school effectively. And in 2013, Yoon Hyeji, an alumna designer who created the popular character "Molangi", reinvented the already existing school character in collaboration with the students in the Department of Visual & Media Design, which is now the well-known "Noonsong" character. Noonsong is currently being used as the school mascot. Sookmyung Women's University had been looking for a new character for the first time in eight years. The winning character selected in the contest will represent the school along with Noonsong. So, the communications team set the qualifications for the entries as "matching with Noonsong", "enabling storytelling" and "various uses for college promotional materials." Participation in the contest was open to all members of the school, including not only students but also alumna and faculty. Thus, various and unique entries were expected. However, there were some rules that participants should remember. First of all, the copyright of the characters selected as award-winning works belongs to Sookmyung Women's University, and the submitted entries are non-returnable. In addition, plagiarism of works submitted in other contests will be excluded from the screening, and the award will be canceled if such violations are found in the work selected as a winner. The communications team will select one grand prize team, two excellence teams, and three encouragement teams. And all participants will be presented with Noonsong dolls. The winner's announcement is scheduled for September 30. However, there is a possibility of change depending on circumstances. The list of winners will be announced through SnoWe announcements and Instagram, and winners will be contacted individually.

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