Set the Track, and Head For Your Dream
Set the Track, and Head For Your Dream
  • Kim Lee Jiwon
  • 승인 2021.09.01 09:59
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According to the 2021 undergraduate track-based curriculum, the track certificate can be issued from the second semester of this year. The curriculum is aimed at breaking down the walls of learning by introducing modules and track concepts into the university curriculum and establishing an infrastructure that can implement convergence education. 'Module' refers to an aggregate of subjects under common themes. 'Module Hub' refers to a collection of modules that combine the curriculum of each department into technical or necessary competency units. 'Track' refers to a major road map composed of modules and subjects for advancement and capacity building. There are a total of three tracks: a single major track designed for the first major, a fusion major track designed for single and plural majors, and an industry-academic link track that corresponds to promising industrial demand and employment. A total of 46 majors are designed with 311 modules and 167 major tracks. There are departments that do not operate tracks, so it is necessary to check them on the SOOKMYUNG PORTAL SYSTEM. An application for a separate track is not needed to complete a track course. If a student applies for a course that matches the particular track course and completes it, the track is automatically completed. For major track checks, a student can inquire about the road map of the major curriculum in the course registration system on the SOOKMYUNG PORTAL SYSTEM. Cho Seohee, a student from TESL Major '21 had this to say about it, "I had a lot of concerns about the subjects I would apply for in the second semester because my career path was not clear. However, through the major track curriculum, I was able to set my field of interest and receive guidance on the subjects that I have to take by grade. I think it will be a good guide to prepare for intensive competency in a particular area from the beginning." The major road map is updated once a year at the end of the second semester and the final track certificate can be issued after screening for those who are confirmed to graduate.

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