Time to Talk About Our Most Memorable Place
Time to Talk About Our Most Memorable Place
  • Kim Seol Yunha
  • 승인 2021.12.01 09:59
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In the blink of an eye, this year has been going and a new year is coming. Looking at the sun reminds us of the memories of 2021 and makes it more precious. Out of many unforgettable memories in 2021, think about the most memorable place. This place can be a very special place or a place we used to go. Before this year ends, take some time to talk about the most memorable place with dear friends.


1. The Most Memorable Place for Me
(Choi Heejin, Division of Business Administration '20) 

My most memorable place in 2021 is the exhibition held at Ground Seesaw Seochon. The reason why I went to the exhibition was because of just one photo I saw on Instagram. For me, the exhibition was a great healing time. At a time when I cannot travel abroad due to COVID-19, photos of European resorts, Dubai, and Budapest made me feel like I had traveled to these places for a while. The works of art were also very beautiful and harmonies in color, composition, and light. And there were many good messages that touched my heart. Among them, one message gave me the special impression, "Pushing ahead with what you like and not stopping is the only way to grow personally." This place seems to be the most memorable place for me this year because it was an exhibition that conveyed to me a lot of messages and inspiration despite the long COVID-19. 


2. My First Place to Study at a Café: Starbucks
(Yun Jina, Department of Political Science & International Relations '21)

In 2021, I became a freshman in Sookmyung, but I had to take a non-face-to-face class due to COVID-19. Non-face-to-face classes made my eyes weary because I had to use the Internet for a long time. I was getting tired, and the assignment began to be pushed back. My room where I took classes was no longer comfortable to me. I could not stay there anymore, so I went to Starbucks. It was my first time going to a café since I had entered college. At the café, people listened to their lectures and did their own work. It was an unfamiliar experience to me because I had never studied in a café before. I had always liked to study in a suffocating silent place such as a study room because I thought my life would be ruined if I could not concentrate on my studies. However, now I thought, "Isn't it okay to study here with proper noise?", and "Isn't it time not to react sensitively to small sounds?" I opened a book at the café for the first time and started studying. Looking back on this year, my experience of visiting Starbucks was the most memorable. This is because it was the first place for me to spend my time leisurely after my college admission. 

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