Learning Life through YouTube
Learning Life through YouTube
  • Kim Lee Jiwon
  • 승인 2022.04.01 09:58
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The medium called 'YouTube' is now almost a part of our lives. If you have an area of interest, such as travel, cooking, self-development, singing, or pets, you can easily create an account and upload videos to communicate with people. It is true that YouTube, which has become one of the most attractive means of communicating with people, does sometimes cause adverse effects through harmful videos created indiscriminately. However, it also shows people's various lifestyles and can have a good influence. Through YouTubers introduced by Sookmyungians, we can learn about practicing love and making persistent efforts toward our goals. Let's listen to their story.


1.<Video Clips Where "Love" Penetrates>

Do you know Go Haeju, a cheerful and lovely woman? Going by the YouTube nickname Haejju, she is monopolizing the love of women in their 20s these days. Her videos can be largely divided into a vlog containing daily life and a "gomae dish" containing her own recipe. Her videos last for about 3 minutes for the shortest and about 40 minutes for the longest. It is a perfect healing time for me regardless of the time and content. The reason why I love her videos is not simply because I can easily follow the recipes and get useful information. The biggest reason for loving Haejju's videos is that it is not over-stimulating, and "love" penetrates all the videos. In her daily life, she shows families who know how to treat each other warmly and love each other. I learned from her videos that I need to know how to share love to receive it. Eventually, love grows bigger when you share it with others, and that leads to a pleasant life. I guess many Sookmyungians have already subscribed to her YouTube, but I wanted to tell my story through the Sookmyung Times and share more affection for her.


2.<A Record of Effort, Jaksimiju>

As the platform YouTube became increasingly popular and the number of users has increased, the job of a YouTuber is no longer a job that only certain people can do. The YouTuber, Jaksimiju, that I will introduce today is also not a great person. She is just a normal high school student who records her efforts. For me, who has dreamed of becoming a teacher since high school, the teacher certification examination is the first step toward my dream of getting a chance to challenge myself. Perhaps that's why I have often watched videos related to that examination, but due to the excellent algorithm, I accidentally came upon her video. The characteristic of the videos she uploads is very neat. Also, it is not just focused on studying, but you can feel as if you are sharing her daily life. Watching her daily life, I could be hopeful and motivated that I can also give it a try. When she uploaded "Teacher's Day," announcing that she had passed the exam and became a teacher, I was happy as if it were my job, and it became another stimulus and motivation to me. Her YouTube is full of her efforts from preparing for the examination to the daily life of a teacher. I would like to recommend this channel not only to students preparing for the exam but also to all Sookmyungians dreaming of becoming teachers.

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