Welcome to My Website!
Welcome to My Website!
  • Kim Lee Jiwon
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Social media that captivates people has a wide variety of functions. You can receive the information you want in real time, promote your work, record your daily life, and communicate with many people. However, it is not easy to attract others with only your own story because the space is concentrated and there is a lot of competition. In that case, why don't you create a personal website where you can present yourself more effectively?



All-purpose tool, a Website Builder

Due to COVID-19, various offline events were canceled and face-to-face meetings disappeared, increasing the time people spent at home. For this reason, even those who prefer offline activities gravitated toward online activities, and accordingly, businesses that had only offline stores quickly jumped into the online market. As more companies wanted to produce personal websites, online open markets and smart store platforms that we can easily access now were born. In the past, there were many industries that did not utilize website production due to consumer purchasing patterns in the past, but now website production is considered a necessity in all industries. In the past, websites could be created only by knowing web expertise or programming languages such as coding, so website production agencies were used. However, now anyone with a website builder can create a great website without that expertise. A website builder allows users to create a website or app without coding knowledge. You can quickly apply artificial intelligence technologies such as voice recognition, image recognition and translation everywhere on your website by simply clicking and moving the various pre-made functions.
What are some website builders that anyone can easily use? First, "Modoo" is a website production service provided by Naver. It is a little too simple to build a shopping mall that sells many products. However, it is very useful if you use Naver often or you are planning to promote something through Naver because it is well linked to various Naver services. The second is a service called "Lim Web," which can be used as easily as Modoo if you can handle PowerPoint even if you cannot do Photoshop. In addition to shopping malls, various reservation sites can be produced, and they can be set up to be linked to and appear on all domestic and foreign portal sites such as Naver, Daum, and Google. In addition, there are several overseas website builder services such as Wix and WordPress. Among these, this SMT reporter chose Wix. Since the language of the website that she was going to design was English, overseas website builder services were needed, and it had a very intuitive arrangement of design tools. She thought it would be nice to create a fan website for Taylor Swift, her favorite singer, to communicate with Taylor Swift's fans, and to let people unfamiliar with Taylor Swift know about her and listen to her songs together. She also wanted to upload her assignments as a college student.




Just drag and drop!

After setting the theme of the website, it's time to create it. When you first enter the site and log in with your Google account, a button called "Create My Site" appears. Depending on what kind of site you want, site templates with appropriate designs are recommended, such as those for online shopping malls, portfolios, consultancies, tech companies, restaurants, and special events. Since this reporter is currently a college student, she chose a portfolio thinking it would be the most suitable template for the purpose of the website. Moving on, there are optional functions that can be added to the website, and she chose two functions — a chat function and a music distribution function — because she wanted a web page that could communicate with global fans. Next, you will be asked how to create the site. If you choose "Wix ADI," Wix will automatically design your site, and if you choose "Start as an Editor," you can freely edit it. The former has the advantage of being convenient but doesn't give autonomy, and the latter has the advantage of being able to produce the homepage from start to finish in my own way, but it will take longer. She chose to start as an editor.
It is time to choose the most important template design. You can click on the "Original Layout" to create a website with nothing on it really, but it is much easier to choose and use a template that has already been designed. This reporter thought the color of her homepage was the most important thing, so she chose a template that fits well with light pink letters against a dark brown background. Now you can finally create a website by simply inserting the letters and pictures you want! All you have to do is just drag and drop the function you want on the homepage. The website homepage included a photo of Taylor Swift's face and the phrase "My Only Celebrity," indicating that this website is for Taylor Swift fans. On the "About" page, she introduced herself and explained what the purpose of this website was. On the "Task Collection" page, she organized the big assignments that she had done so far by category and wrote a paragraph of each assignment's reflection. Her website incorporated a chat function on every page because communication with visitors is important, and she finalized the website by modifying it based on the feedback from visitors through a chat function.



Your one and only story in the world

Until now, there have been many people who have considered website production only for the purpose of business marketing. Let's put down SNS platforms such as Instagram and Facebook for a while, which have thousands of accounts vying for attention, and create a personal website that is your one and only domain! Just one drag and drop will make you feel like a professional website designer.


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