Enjoy Your Campus Life on SNOWVERSE
Enjoy Your Campus Life on SNOWVERSE
  • Ju Kim Jiyeong
  • 승인 2022.06.03 10:43
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Sookmyung Women's University signed a business agreement with LG U+, Shinhan Bank, and Mammossix on October 25, 2021, to develop the SMWU metaverse campus service. 'Snowverse' is a metaverse service only for Sookmyungians, which first presented The First Campus space of SMWU at the Cheongpa Festival in November 2021. The opening ceremony of the festival, chatting between avatars, and guerrilla events were held on the Snowverse. In February 2022, The Second Foundation Campus, in addition to the first, was realized and an online campus tour was held for the freshman. Finally, on April 5, Snowverse officially opened as a formal platform. Snowverse photo zones and Instagram events were held to commemorate the official release at the school. Snowverse almost perfectly embodies the actual appearance of the campus and it is based on the social metaverse platform 'Galaxity' developed by Mammossix. Mammossix created a campus metaverse space for SMWU by utilizing Galaxity's avatar designs, items, user authentication, and chat functions. Also, Snowverse consists of a story mission to find a missing piece of an emblem at the SMWU's main entrance. Users can tour the campus in the virtual space while carrying out various missions and receive mission rewards. Students from the same department or club can gather and communicate in private channels. At the U+ charging station in front of the Student Union Building, users can participate in gift-receiving events through 'mind charging' and 'data charging' options. Users can also receive messages of support from Noonsong and U+'s mascot 'MOONO', which vary depending on the day of the week. Jang Yoongeum, president of Sookmyung Women's University, said, "I expect students to interact with each other and to continue their campus activities freely through the metaverse campus." Students can download Snowverse from the Google Play Store or App Store and can use the service after authenticating their Sookmyung Google Mail. 

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