To Speak of a Cultural Connection, Korea Tourism Organization
To Speak of a Cultural Connection, Korea Tourism Organization
  • Jung Nam Chaehee
  • 승인 2022.12.02 10:16
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In 2020, the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) produced a video titled "Feel the Rhythm of Korea," which received explosive responses at home and abroad. Cho Eunkyung, who graduated from SMWU's Department of Culture and Tourism and joined the KTO, explained this through <The Career Employment Comparison Program by Major in 2022>. The lecture, which was available to all students regardless of major, was conducted through online real-time Zoom on October 13. Students were able to apply for the program through the 'non-curricular program' on SNOWAY. Participants received a Zoom meeting link via email on the day of the lecture. The program was divided into two parts: the activities of the organization and tips for joining it. The speaker said that it was established in the 1960s to acquire foreign currency in the country and that attracting foreigners achieves the purpose of the KTO these days. "Feel the Rhythm of Korea," devised to support the overseas travel industry, which was hit hard by COVID-19, is an example of this kind of project. The Korea Tourism Data Lab was also introduced and what the KTO does as well as how to join the organization was explained in detail. Tips such as applying to the data and IT sectors which have a relatively low competition rate rather than applying to general fields with high competition rates were conveyed. In addition, she finished the program by telling the audience about her experience as an interviewer and explaining how to communicate well during an interview. An anonymous Sookmyungian who participated in the lecture said, "I could feel that the KTO is trying to revitalize cultural exchanges between Korea and other countries and through this lecture, I have a goal of joining the KTO." As such, the lecture provides a new perspective of understanding the Korea Tourism Organization. In addition, it can give a chance to students to think deeply about the career path of the KTO.

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