A Warm Christmas with Miracles
A Warm Christmas with Miracles
  • Kang Kim Hyojung, Lee Gayun
  • 승인 2022.12.02 10:16
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Christmas, which celebrates the birth of Jesus, has more significance today. People decorate Christmas trees and exchange gifts. Even if it's a cold winter, people are fully prepared to spend a happy Christmas. Colorful Christmas tree baubles, socks on the wall to get Santa's candy, and Christmas songs heard on the street make people look forward to a heartwarming Christmas. In addition, books and movies related to the miracles that happened at Christmas also make a cold winter warm at Christmas.

COVER OF The Christmas Pig



"Where do the precious things go?"
-A Diamond Earring


<The Christmas Pig (2021)>

Jack has a 'Dur Pig' (DP), a precious toy, who spent his childhood with him. As a child, his parent's divorce and the resulting move made him sad, but only the toy DP knows this sadness. Later, his mother married another man, and he lives with his stepfather and stepsister. His stepsister, Holly, bullies Jack. On Christmas Eve, Holly throws Jack's precious DP out the window. Even though he receives a new Christmas pig instead, the fact that he lost his treasured DP makes him sorrowful and angry. That night, alone in his room, Jack hears some strange voices. These voices are the conversations between toys, closets, and other objects that can only speak in the human world on Christmas Eve. The new Christmas pig suggests finding DP, who is now in 'the Land of the Lost,' together. The Land of the Lost is where abandoned things go. Jack accepts this offer and goes to the land with the new pig toy. Will Jack be able to find DP and return home safely?



The book is a full-length novel, published in 2021, by J.K. Rowling, famous for the Harry Potter series. The book's genre may seem interesting only for children at first glance, but it provides everyone with an opportunity to remember their precious things. Furthermore, it shows Jack's growth by confronting various characters in the Land of the Lost as well as the difficulties he faces in the world. In the Land of the Lost, he and the Christmas pig meet various characters who have been abandoned. It reminds readers of personal experiences when people felt an emotional attachment to certain objects in their childhood. In addition, the book cover and illustrations which create the Christmas atmosphere also bring back the Christmas memory. This magical story is related to reality as it reflects Jack's difficulties in the real world. He also learns how to overcome these difficulties in the new world and to solve his family problems in the real world. Through this, he grows up, finding what he has lost or considers precious. It makes people feel touched to read the process to solve the problem and how to accept Jack's situation.





"Iris, in the movies we have leading ladies and we have the best friend. You, I can tell, are a leading lady."
-Arthur Abbott


<The Holiday (2006)>

Amanda, CEO of a popular movie trailer production company in LA, is a model of a successful career woman. While having a happy life, one day she discovers that her boyfriend is having an affair with a young employee he works with at the company. So, there is a crack in her life and her self-esteem is damaged. In the UK, Iris, who writes a series of popular wedding columns, is also under stress due to relationship problems because her boyfriend has been cheating on her with another girl. Iris is deeply hurt when the man announces his engagement to another woman in front of her at the office Christmas party. So, the two women, who need to get away from their lives for a bit, meet through an online 'Home Exchange' vacation program, and agree to spend two weeks over the Christmas vacation in each other's homes. While in the UK, Amanda happens to meet Graham, Iris' charming brother, and falls in love at first sight. In LA, Iris becomes friends with Amanda's colleagues and neighbors and falls in love with a friend named Miles. Love comes to Amanda and Iris as a Christmas gift. However, they are destined for a breakup in two weeks when they return to their homes. What choice will they make for love?




<The Holiday> is a romance film directed by Nancy Meyers. This movie was released in 2006, and although it has been a long time since it was released, it is still considered as a popular Christmas romance movie. The movie tells the story of Amanda and Iris, two female protagonists, overcoming a broken heart and meeting new love during the Christmas holidays. The subject matter of broken hearts and new love may seem common and boring, but what elevates this movie is the subject matter of a 'Home Exchange.' Although the two women are all different in nationality, features, and occupation, they meet new people to fill their shortcomings with something in common: a broken heart. In particular, women who have not taken good care of themselves and have built relationships that only hurt them visit an unfamiliar country and meet various people. They bond with new people and heal their wounds. Audiences can feel warm to see the two changing women and feel joy at the miraculous things that happen during the Christmas holidays.


Kang Kim Hyojung / Reporter
Lee Gayun / Reporter

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