Help for a New Start, in a New School
Help for a New Start, in a New School
  • Kim Jang Yunsun
  • 승인 2023.04.03 09:57
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SMWU prepared a program for the freshmen in 2023 about how to get the study method in university. The "Learning Strategy Workshop for Freshmen" provides campus life tips for new students this year. It consists mainly of seniors' learning tips and two workshops. For the learning tips, seniors from various majors give non-face-to-face lectures, including the liberal arts, science, fine arts, and engineering colleges. The Freshman Learning Workshop gave advice about presentations and the right mindset for college life. The first workshop was held face-to-face, and the theme was "The Value of Challenge, Learning from Greek Mythology." The lecture took place on February 21 and the recorded versions were released in the SnowBoard online classroom for freshmen who were unable to participate due to personal reasons. The second workshop covered college presentations and was conducted non-face-to-face. In this workshop, the lectures were divided into two parts: presentation planning and actual practice. Each lecture was about 50 minutes long, and Moon Sijung, CEO of The Pint, gave the lecture about how to compose the presentation. Hong Sungmin, Department of Arts & Crafts '23 who took workshop 2, said, "the presentation lectures were beneficial to learn how to find a career and make plans. I think this class is beneficial for those who are at a loss in career planning or those who want to plan their current career in more detail." She thinks these lectures can help freshmen who usually have a hard time making a career plan. The comparison program received applications in the SNOWAY and the lectures were available through SnowBoard from February 20 to March 1. After the lecture, freshmen were able to get additional advice by watching videos of seniors corresponding with their departments and majors and leaving questions in the Q&A section of the board. Details can be found through the Center for Teaching and Learning.

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