In the Rapidly Changing Future, the Focus Is Startups
In the Rapidly Changing Future, the Focus Is Startups
  • Kim Park Yeonhoo
  • 승인 2023.06.02 09:51
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On April 12, 2023, 'What's The Next,' a lecture on the vision of global leaders was held at Sookmyung Women's University Snowflake Square Hall to commemorate the 117th anniversary of Sookmyung's foundation. Perry Ha, the founder of Global Venture Capital Draper Athena, was invited as a speaker of the special lecture. At this event, he gave a lecture titled "How to Thrive in a Rapidly Changing World." The lecture focused on the growth process of a venture company and its importance in a rapidly changing world. Until he became the current CEO of a venture capital company, he personally talked about what he learned and felt during that time, emphasizing networking; the importance of interpersonal relationships while investing. He also stated that the world has changed significantly over the past 100 years due to technological advances and, in the past 15 years, has been developing at an even faster rate. Among them, startups are playing a big role, and he said, "If someone works in a rapidly growing industry, they can grow more than 30 percent." He said employees of such companies are not only well paid, but they also have high incentives in terms of satisfaction. In his lecture, he gave two specific tips for students preparing to start a business: keep us with new tech trends & leading startups and learn with OPM; Other People's Money. He recommended subscribing to VC/startup newsletters and going to meetups to get new information. Also, people should look for job opportunities in Series B+ Startups and only start a company after building your network & startup know-how. After the lecture, he also held a question-and-answer session with students and gave generous advice on startups. Choi Se-rim, a student in the Division of Child Welfare & Studies '22 who attended the lecture, said, "After taking the lecture, I learned about the advantages of working for a venture company, and it was an opportunity to think about what to prepare for entering a venture company. It was an inspiration and a wake-up talk for me." This special lecture provided students with an opportunity to read the trend of the times and made them a wider range of thoughts about startups.

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